NCBS - Internal Commitee

Its members currently are




Role Email-id

Dr. Deepti Trivedi

Chairperson icc @ ncbs dot res dot in

Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan

Faculty representative and member

Mr. Prem Chandra Gautam

Administration representative and member

Dr. Harini K

Post Doctoral Fellow representative and member

Ms. Dayani Chakravarthy

Student representative and member

Ms. Carolina Lobo

External expert


The women's cell works to ensure a safe work environment, and to provide a mechanism for looking into situations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Any issues relating to sexual harassment at the workplace can be brought to any of these members in confidence. In addition, do not hesitate to bring such matters to any member of the faculty or senior administration.

The women's cell has been reconstituted to broaden its representation and include external member(s). With input from experts from NGO representatives, we are actively developing a more comprehensive procedure for handling of sexual harassment cases.

Click here for “Campus Sexual Harassment Guidelines and Process for Redressal”
Sexual Harassment Policy guidelines - A Resource link

Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency dial 08067176666 or 08023666666 or 09686375064 .





Monthly Mandatory Workshop

A mandatory gender sensitization workshop will be carried out with all the new joiners.

For Short-Term Staff

Sign up with ‘Poshsecure’, a web-based module for gender sensitization will be done. This will enable broader reach in the  community, including shot-term staff and interns.

International & National Women Day Celebration

Both the days will be celebrated with lectures, panel discussions with film screening.

Women in Science Day

Women in science will be celebrated through social media campaigns, highlighting women scientists at various levels.

Gender Sensitivity Literacy

Talks focusing not only the ‘women’ dimension of the gender sensitivity, but also LGBTQ+ community on the campus.

Gender Sensitivity: Setting Boundaries

ICC & CWP [Campus Wellness Program] will organize talks/panel discussions focusing on the setting emotional boundaries; prioritizing emotional needs; psychological and physical safety. Monthly talks, with students involvement will be organised. ' CWP & ICC will launch 'Gender sensitive' talk groups with the aim to create a safe space for women & LGBTQ+ community. 

ICC Members Engagement & Informal Mentoring

ICC members will be engaged in informal mentoring of early career researchers.

Gender Parity Assessment in the Campus

2022-23, A committee, including member(s) from the Women's cell will assess gender parity at various levels on the campus. On the bases of the report and committee recommendations the further actions will be planned.