Bruker Ascend™ 600/800

The Bruker Avance-III HD 600 MHz instrument (installed in 2016) is dedicated to the studies of structure and dynamics of proteins and their interactions with a variety of ligands, including lipids, drugs, DNA, sugar, and partner proteins. It has four rf (radio frequency) channels (1H, 13C, 15N, and 2H for lock and decoupling). A z-axis PFG, inverse detect triple-resonance cryogenic (cold) probe is usually in service. A 5mm broad band multi-nuclear probe is also available if the cryoprobe is out of service.

For 600 BCU I Varable Temprature unit (-40 to 80°C)

For 800 BCU I Varable Temprature unit (0 to 80°C)