All researchers in TIGS/NCBS/inStem/C-CAMP (BLiSc users) and Non-Blisc users can work at the insectary facility.
  • Duly filled registration form (here) must be submitted via the  to the Facility in Charge (FIC) 
  • External candidates submit the request via registration (here) and discuss with FIC.
  • Orientation program must be completed prior to accessing the facility.
  • After orientation, users must pass the online and hands-on exam before getting access to the facility.
  • Users must submit following approvals/clearances for the experiments/projects prior to initiating work at the facility:
  1. Institutional Biosafety Committee
  2. Institutional Human Ethics Committee
  • Only authorized people are allowed to enter the facility with all the protective clothing – apron, facemask, and designated sandals/shoe covers