NCBS/InStem - Kumamoto Workshop

6th March, 2019 LH-1 from 2pm

6th March

13:55   Welcome
14:00   Ryuichi Nishinakamura              Rebuilding the kidney from pluripotent stem cells
14:30   Raghu Padinjat                           Disease modelling for human brain disorders
15:00   Takumi Era                                 Study for intractable diseases using disease-derived iPS cells
15:30   Sabarinathan Radhakrishnan     Inferring somatic mutational processes from cancer genomes

       15:45   Break

16:15   Deepa Agashe                            Evolution of bacterial translation machinery
16:45   Kunimasa Ohta                          Lactic Acid Bacteria Converts Human Fibroblasts to Multipotent cells
17:15   Amanjot Singh                           Function and handling of disordered domains in RNA granules
17:45   Akira Nakamura                        Drosophila germ plasm assembly and function


7th March

9:30    Madan Rao                          Nonequilibrium self-assembly of the Golgi
10:00   Kenji Shimamura               Novel intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms for the proper laminar organization of the cerebral cortex
10:30   Hiyaa Ghosh                      Fate decisions: how to decide whether to be glia or neuron during adult neurogenesis?

       11:00   Break

11:15   Dhandapany Pendurai
11:45   Dasradhi Palakodeti                Dynamic expression of tRNA derived small RNAs are critical for stem cell state transitions
12:15   Satoshi Tateishi                       Chk2 maintains genomic DNA stability and prevents skin carcinogenesis following UV exposure
12:45   Anjana Badrinarayan              Regulation of DNA damage response and repair in microbial systems

       13:15   Lunch

15:00   Sandeep Krishna                    Counting genomes to make a binary choice between different cell fates
15:30   Arjun Guha                             Mechanisms for Lung injury-repair
16:00   Dimple Notani                        Role of transcriptional enhancers in gene regulation      
16:30   Hitoshi  Niwa                         Transcription factor network working in mouse ES cells

       17:00   Tea