Academia is a bubble in which most of us and our mentors stay contained. During “Peeking Outside the Bubble” we’ll chat with people who made the choice to step outside this academic bubble to pursue fulfilling and satisfying careers . Remember, these people were in the boat we are in now, at some point over the past decade or more. The uncertainties and insecurities at this time of life don’t change. Our accomplished guests (mostly friends) have carved out a career arc that we can scarcely envision. Over the next decade this could be any one of us Students and Post Docs.

In conversation with Hari Padmanabhan, CRISPR Therapeutics (Developmental Neurobiologist by training), Deepti Trivedi, NCBS Fly facility (Drosophilist), Cheryl Travasso, Edelman India (Cancer Biologist). Find out what connects their training to their position in life, the choices and calculations they made and how all this may be relevant to you in a few years.
The first such conversation is at 6pm on, 5th February:
Live stream: BLISCYoutube channel
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