In November, OutsideIn features speakers who are experts on the lives of microbes! They will take us on explorations of wild and domesticated yeasts, virus evolution, microbial predation, and microbial mating systems. Join us to discover more of the complex world of these organisms, directly from the scientists who study them every day!

In the first session, Dr. Primrose Boynton of Wheaton College Massachusetts, USA, will discuss 'From their homes to ours: Yeast diversity in wild and domesticated habitats'.

Yeasts are diverse single-celled fungi that are important for human food, drink, and science, but they live their own lives out in the wild. Our speaker will introduce you to yeasts, and explain how they have evolved, and are continuing to evolve, to live both with and without human beings in diverse habitats including the insides of carnivorous plant pitchers, forest soil, and alcoholic beverages.

This set of talks is hosted by Dr. Deepa Agashe and Prof. R. Sowdhamini of the National Centre for Biological Sciences. 

5pm (IST) | 8 November, Sunday

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OutsideIn is a set of Ecology talks curated for a young audience, but everyone is welcome to attend. For anyone who wonders what makes OutsideIn so special, read this article!