Between April 20th and 23rd, OutsideIn has three talks by passionate explorers of plant lives! Here are the details of the talks, all of them will take place at 11am on the respective dates:

April 20th: Dr. Ashok Giri (National Chemical Laboratory) on molecular dynamics of plant-insect interactions

April 21st: Prof. Uma Shaanker (University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru) on parent-offspring conflict in plants

April 23rd: Dr. Jyothilakshmi Vadassery (National Institute of Plant Genome Research) on plants and their microbial friends


Watch on Youtube:

Please note that the Certificates of Attendance from the Bangalore Life Science Cluster for the “OutsideIn: Summer Sessions on Plants” will be provided to participants who attend all three of these sessions on Zoom and share their learning following that.