In November, OutsideIn talks are on microbial lives!

In the final session, Dr. Sujal Phadke, of Rady Children's Hospital Institute for Genomic Medicine, will speak about microbial mating systems.

I will walk you through the fascinating world of microbial mating systems. We will focus on the evolutionary innovations that enable sexual reproduction in microbial eukaryotes. We will also ponder upon what all it can teach us about the meaning, the mechanism, and the consequences of microbial sex, for microbes themselves, and for humans. 

Sexual reproduction in microbes is full of wonders in itself but also relevant for those interested in studying mathematical patterns in biology, intricacies of genetic machinery, or about public health. I will present an example of how research on microbial sex led to important insights and questions in each of these areas and helped us learn biology by exception.

This series of talks is hosted by Dr. Deepa Agashe and Prof. R. Sowdhamini. This session is moderated by Dr. Pratibha S, a post-doctoral fellow at NCBS.

10am (IST) | 29 November, Sunday

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