OutsideIn Series II

Continuing with the theme of Biodiversity, in this session of OutsideIn, Dr. Arjun Srivathsa of the Wildlife Conservation Society-India is our speaker. In 'Fantastic beasts and how to save them', he will share a peek into the conservation of carnivores in India.

I'm a wildlife biologist and a Research Associate with the Wildlife Conservation Society–India. My research deals with studying the ecology of carnivores (like bears, tigers and leopards), and human–carnivore relationships across different landscapes in India. In this webinar, I will provide insights from my research work on leopards, wild dogs, wolves, foxes and hyenas. I will describe different techniques that we use to understand carnivores, and how different tools help us answer questions about the best ways to conserve these fascinating animals. My talk will also address the use of cartoons as innovative tools for science communication and conservation awareness.

11am | 25 October 2020, Sunday

This series of talks is hosted by Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan and Prof. R. Sowdhamini.

Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FDN4Yv3RTp6uxI56iS72Kw

In case of any issues, please join the live stream at youtube.com/BLiSCIndia