Join our Outside In sessions, where every week we will bring to you a different take on ecology, presented by some of the top scientists in the field. These sessions are curated for school students, but everyone is welcome!

In this session, Dr. Radhika Venkatesan of the NCBS will speak about the 'Chemistry of Plants'!

Plants produce a wide range of chemicals that help in their growth and defense. Plant metabolites are valuable as medicines, perfumes, flavors, and pigments. Since plants are immobile, their chemistry helps them survive against herbivores, microbes and adverse environmental conditions. Some phytochemicals also help in establishing beneficial associations. This talk will explore the role of chemistry in various aspects of a plant's life and present chemical interactions of plants drawing examples from our lab research. We will also discuss applications of phytochemicals in agriculture.

2 August, Sunday | 11am (IST)


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