Meeting on Neuroscience Across Scales

Venue: National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
Duration: July 17 – July 19, 2017


Meeting on neuroscience across scales is a 3-day meeting focusing on different aspects of neuroscience ranging from molecules to behavior. The target audience is undergraduate students, PhD students and postdocs from theoretical and/or experimental backgrounds (physics, math, neurobiology, engineering, etc.)

The field of research of the speakers ranges from molecular neurobiology to systems neuroscience to behavioral neuroscience. The meeting aims to present an overall picture of how information across different levels of neuronal organization is used to understand basic neuroscience and it’s applications in disease biology.

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List of Speakers:

1 Alberto E. Pereda (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York)
2 Andrew Holmes (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland)

Sir Colin Blakemore (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

4 Gaiti Hasan (NCBS, Bangalore)
5 Joshua A. Gordon (National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland)

Raghu Padinjat (NCBS, Bangalore)


Raj Ladher (NCBS, Bangalore)


Sanjay Sane (NCBS, Bangalore)


Shannon Olsson (NCBS, Bangalore)

10 Sumantra Chattarji (NCBS, Bangalore)
11 Terrence Sejnowski (Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, La Jolla, CA)
12 Timothy Bliss (University College London)
13 Upinder Bhalla (NCBS, Bangalore)
14 Vatsala Thirumalai (NCBS, Bangalore)