Physics of Life 2023 - The 8th Annual Monsoon School

Date: 19th to 28th June, 2023

Time: 9 am to 7 pm, Mon to Sat

Venue: NCBS Bangalore

About the Monsoon School:

Biology is essentially an interdisciplinary field and is in the forefront of modern physics and information sciences. The goal of the school is to:

(i) expose undergraduate students from mathematics, physical sciences and engineering backgrounds to exciting problems in biology through research talks by biologists, physicists and computer scientists. Topics include: the structure and function of biomolecules; the organization of cells; the development of organisms from embryos to adults; the structure and function of the brain; populations and ecosystems; and aspects of evolution.

(ii) provide pedagogical instruction on a range of mathematical topics, so that students will be better prepared to enter Ph.D. programmes in computational biology, systems biology, biophysics, and related areas. Topics include: biophysics and soft-matter physics, ranging from aspects of molecules to those of cells and tissues; information processing and decision making, at the level of cells or of the brain; stochastic processes in molecules or populations; genetic networks and feedback systems; biomechanics and robotics.


Eligibility criteria:

All applicants must have completed atleast two years of their Undergraduate degree by June 2020, and not have participated in any of the previous Monsoon Schools. We encourage students from across disciplines, and from institutions across the country to apply for Monsoon School 2023.


To participate in Monsoon School 2023, please fill up this Google form latest by the 12th of March 2023: bit.ly/PhyOfLife23

Participants will be informed of their application status by late April.