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Workshop for College Teachers on using Drosophila melanogaster for Biology Lab Classes


Tracing the Roots of Molecular Biology

S. C. Lakhotia


Tuesday, May 28, 2024. 11:00am.

Malgova Auditorium, NCBS



Meeting ID: 872 5045 0844

Passcode: CV4MNF



Biology today is at its most exciting phase, thanks to the rapid and phenomenal developments in molecular biology that facilitated, and are in turn being facilitated by, the evolution of high-throughput technological approaches. This lecture would look at some of the concepts, and mis-concepts, in the domains of classical genetics, cytology, embryology, and evolution that were ignored or had incremental or saltatory consequences at the time when proposed. However, cumulatively these prepared the ground for transformation of biology from a descriptive science into a dynamic and vigorous experimental field. These foundational concepts catalyzed the fusion of some fields and emergence of new disciplines within biology. At the same time, they also promoted the amalgamation of biology with other natural sciences, medicine, agriculture, technology, and social sciences. Understanding the roots of molecular biology provides new insights and better perspectives for contemporary research.  


Subhash Chandra Lakhotia is a cytogeneticist, academic, Distinguished Professor of Zoology, and the Science & Engineering Research Board Distinguished Fellow at the Banaras Hindu University. He is known for his pioneering research on Drosophila with regard to its chromosome organization and replication. He contributed to the establishment of the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics at the Banaras Hindu University. He has been associated with several government departments and councils, worked at journals such as Current Science, Journal of Biosciences, RNA Biology, and Annals of Neurosciences, and is the recipient of several awards including the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize.