International Society of Biogeography

Science and Society at NCBS invites you to an event happening as part of the upcoming International Society of Biogeography meeting next week in Bangalore!

Why do some places have more biodiversity than others? This is an age-old question, and the field of Biogeography involves the study of how biodiversity is distributed across the world. Between the 26th and 28th of September, scientists will discuss several aspects of biogeography and biodiversity. Details of the meeting are at

India in particular has a very interesting geologic history. Pranay Lal has pioneering the description of India’s deep history in his recent book Indica. Pranay will speak about “Hidden landscapes: how geology influences everything, from evolution to climate change”. Pranay Lal hopes to take us through a journey through time and tell us about the deep control of rocks
and landscapes on life, and why they will be critical in our fight against climate change.