Indo-German Workshop on

Plant-Insect Interactions Across Gradients

November 16-17, 2017, NCBS, Bangalore

Interactions between plants and insects are crucial for generation of terrestrial biodiversity. Therefore, understanding these ecological interactions is fundamental to biology as it provides insights into the diversification processes. How plants cope with insect herbivores? How do they tailor specific response to specific insect attacks? How do insects adapt to plant’s toxic arsenal of chemical defences?  How does this dynamic system change in space and time? Do these ecological interactions vary with geographic gradients? Answers to these questions will help us understand the role of plant biochemistry in shaping the ecosystem organization and throw light on the evolutionary origins of plant defences.

This kick-off meeting would provide a platform to initiate exchange of ideas in the field of plant-insect interactions between MPI-CE and NCBS, to set ground for collaborative research, and identify areas of mutual interest to enhance bilateral research between Germany and India.