How to give a bad talk!

10 commandments and more


Arnab Bhattacharya

Chair, Science Popularization and Public Outreach, TIFR

Date: Friday January 3 Time:10.30 AM Venue: Langra (Lecture Hall 2,  NCBS)


Do you have the presentation blues? Not sure how to mess up your seminars and talks? The 10 Commandments will surely help you!

For many years, the much-accepted seminar standard model has called for a knowledgeable speaker to enthusiastically convey information to an interested audience. By modelling experimental evidence encountered during a number of mind-blowing but excruciatingly boring talks, and new theories of constant negative covfefe, we show proof of the breakdown of this model. This presentation highlights the recently discovered techniques of powerpointlessness. Carefully following such techniques, coupled with the appropriate use of unlabeled and irrelevant graphs has been proven to obscure any remnant of an intelligible presentation. Success can be quantitatively measured in terms of an attention parameter, as shown in a fig. somewhere on this page. Time permitting, we’ll also show the best way to use tiny text, multi-layered figures, confusing layouts, and dubious colour schemes for awesome poster presentations.

The talk will be followed by a discussion session. Join us for tea and snacks at 10.15 AM before the discussion.

Date: Friday January 3

Time:10.30 AM

Venue: Langra (LH2, First Floor, ELC, NCBS)