Archives at the National Centre for Biological Sciences
Launch of Fourth Exhibition
Ever Met an 'Ugly' Flower?
We are delighted to announce the launch of the fourth exhibition at the Archives at NCBS titled “Ever Met an 'Ugly' Flower?” by Team Phoolwale. This project was the winning proposal for the Push/Pull call put out by the Archives at NCBS in 2022 (

Date: 26th March, 2023

Time: 4.00 PM

About the Curator:
Team Phoolwale are a group of artists and researchers joining hands over their shared love for flowers. This project is an attempt at bringing together their whimsical and diverse ways of thinking while creating space for individual expressions.
Event Details:
The artist and the botanist, the gardener and the florist, the widow, the bride, the lover, the dead. There is a flower for everyone, everywhere, every time.
Flowers are beings or symbols? They are subjects or objects? Are they divine or mundane?
Ever Met an 'Ugly' Flower? reflects on how we look at, feel, see and perceive flowers through the themes of labour and market, gender and sexuality, language and identity, art and science, and caste and ritual. The exhibition opens with a picnic and a performative piece by Avril Unger titled 'Unfolding flowers'. Avril will explore love and loss surrounding the agency of a flower and the human relationship of embodied aesthetics with the flower.
Join us for an evening of sharing stories and memories about flowers through food, song, and drinks. Bring your food and stories, if they are inspired by flowers, all the better!