Look into the eyes of the Albatross. One has questions with no answer, one does not understand his or her life anymore. 'Albatross' by Chris Jordan is an outstanding movie that shows you the answer. It opens the door to peep into the family life of Albatross, yes, the big seabird. It lets you experience falling in love. It shows you the immense care these birds offer to their young ones. And it also documents the tragedy unfolding in these birds' life. A tragedy they don't understand, a tragedy they can't help, a tragedy that is very much man-made, including by us, the distant and land-locked Bangaloreans.

A special screening on 13th March at 5 p.m., brought to you by the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum and the Bangalore Life Science Cluster. It is the second screening of 'Albatross' in Bangalore, after its first appearance at #MWFF2019. Free entry, no registration needed.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.albatrossthefilm.com/


Date: 13th March 2020 | 5pm

Venue: Dasheri Auditorium