Instructor: Shashi Thutupalli, Madan Rao, Shaon Chakrabarti and Tapomoy Bhattacharjee
Duration of the course:
19th Jan 2024 to 19th Apr 2024
Days: Friday
Credits: 3+3
Class Room: Raspuri
Course Outline:

Description: QuERMA is designed to be an introduction to concepts, laboratory methods and quantitative analysis to prepare incoming students
to tackle biological questions with an eye for the quantitative, and on overarching theories. Experimental biology techniques together with advanced
microscopy will be combined with sophisticated image processing and data analytical tools to explore the broad themes of living systems, centered on
growth, dynamical processes and evolution. The course will seamlessly move between the classroom, with lectures that provide in-depth theoretical
background, and the laboratory, where experiments are performed and computer based image/data tools are used for analysis and simulations.
This course is targeted primarily towards the newly inducted graduate students of the Physics of Life program to serve as an introduction to
experimentation in physical biology and is also open to interested students coming through the regular GS stream at NCBS, subject to satisfying
the prerequisites for the course.

Course Prerequisites:
• Basic Mathematical Methods
– Fourier Analysis
– Calculus and Differential Equations
– Linear Algebra
– Statistics
• Basic coding/Matlab


Course Term: Jan Term - 2024
Course Year: 2023/2024