Instructor: Arjun Guha, Swadhin C Jana
Duration of the course:
1st Feb 2023 to 28th Apr 2023
Days: Wednesday, Friday
Credits: 3
Course Outline:

Course outline: 

Section 1: Introduction (1 class)

Course structure:

Common and diverse features in cell (biology): Pro- and Eu-karyotes

Section 2: Molecular basis of cellular organisations (9 classes)

                        Different Types of compartments:

                        Compartmentalisation and Membrane:


                        Central dogma of information flow:

                        Macromolecular machines and their functions:         

Physicist view of cellular forms:

                        Chemist view of cellular forms:

                        Selected Papers Discussion:

Section 3: Cells as replicating units (9 classes)

                        Introduction to the concepts of cell cycle: Pro- and Eu-karyotes

                        Preparation for prokaryotic cell division:

                        Preparation for eukaryotic cell division:

                        Mechanisms of prokaryotic cell division:

                        Mechanisms of eukaryotic cell division (mitosis):

                        Mechanisms of eukaryotic cell division (meiosis):

                        Wrap up class:

                        Selected Papers Discussion:


Course outcome:

This course will help students comprehend the molecular basis of common/diverse cellular forms and how cells act as self-replicating units. They will also understand why cellular structures/conditions need to be robust and what happens when they deviate.


Course Term: Jan Term - 2023
Course Year: 2022/2023