Instructor: Upinder S Bhalla, Vatsala Thirumalai, Sanjay P Sane, Sufyan Ashhad
Duration of the course:
6th Feb 2023 to 31st May 2023
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Credits: 3
Course Outline:

Course outline:

The course will cover basic topics in Neurobiology: single neuron biophysics, synaptic transmission, plasticity, sensory and motor systems, neural basis of simple behaviors and evolution of nervous systems. This course is designed to give preparation to students who have had no previous exposure to neurobiology.

Course outcome:

The course aims to give an introductory view into neurobiology so that students can understand fundamental principles of nervous system function. By the end of the course, students shall be able to appreciate the different scales of organization within the nervous system and how proper functioning at each scale leads to macroscopic phenomena such as perception, behaviors etc.


Course Term: Jan Term - 2023
Course Year: 2022/2023