Instructor: Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan
Time: 09- 10:30 h
Duration of the course:
31st Jan 2017 to 30th Mar 2017
Days: TR
Credits: 2
Class Room: Safeda
Course Outline:

Course extension: Human evolution (Anthropogeny and additional lectures, 2 additional credits)

Week 1: Mammal evolution, primates

Week 2: What makes primates distinct? Primate behavior

Week 3: Australopithecines

Week 4: Evolution of Homo

Week 5: Origins of modern humans: genomic evidence and archeology

Week 6: Origins of modern humans: tools

Week 7: Human evolution and disease

Week 8: Are humans still evolving?

Every week we will have one lecture and one paper discussion. Evaluations will be based on assignments and written material.

Course Term: Jan 2017
Course Year: 2016/2017