Instructor: Padmanabhan Balaram, Sowdhamini R, Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, Swadhin C Jana, Sunil Laxman, Vinothkumar K Ragunath, Arati Ramesh
Duration of the course:
5th Sep 2023 to 7th Dec 2023
Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Credits: 2
Class Room: Safeda
Course Outline:

Course outline: An overview of chemical processes in the cell and the physical techniques used to study them including spectroscopy/microscopy. Details of protein structure and what the sequence tells about the function will be covered.
Course outcome: As students come from diverse background, we hope that this course will give a basic understanding of terminology and techniques that they might encounter in their research work and in seminar they are likely to attend. This course will form the basis for courses in the January term including cell biology, biochemical

Course Term: Aug Term - 2023
Course Year: 2023/2024