Instructor: Siddharth Kankaria, Uma Ramakrishnan, Tina Mukherjee
Duration of the course:
10th Aug 2022 to 23rd Sep 2022
Days: Wednesday, Friday
Credits: 2
Course Outline:

Course Summary:
Science communication is an act of connecting people with knowledge, emotions and shared experiences within the field of science. It is both an art to be practised creatively as well as a science to be studied systematically.

This course will introduce Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to the fundamentals of science communication and public engagement (SC & PE) and equip them to design, implement and evaluate their science communication efforts effectively. 

Using interactive approaches like discussions, games, and activities, the course will also expose ECRs to evidence-based ways of communicating science, and allow them to develop outputs that are accurate, accessible as well as compelling (irrespective of whether they are popular science outputs such as articles, videos, podcast, and science illustrations, or more conventional scientific outputs such as papers, grants, posters and presentations). 

Course Methodology:

The course will mostly employ a series of interactive approaches, assessments and activities to engage ECRs with the course content, including presentations, open-ended discussions, role-playing activities, zine-making, grant-writing, storyboarding. Additionally, it will also have dedicated office hours for encouraging informal discussions and mentorship in and around science communication topics. 

The course will use a variety of formative and summative assignments and activities for grading, and will provide a substantial scope of receiving one-on-one feedback for the students.

Prerequisites - There would be no prerequisites for attending this course apart from being part of the BLiSC campus. I also wanted to mention that we're planning for another course in Jan-Feb and this current Aug-Sep course would be a prerequisite for that one


Course Term: Aug Term - 2022
Course Year: 2022/2023