Instructor: Vatsala Thirumalai and Sanjay Sane
Time: 11.30 AM - 1.00 PM
Duration of the course:
3rd Sep 2017 to 19th Dec 2017
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Class Room: Safeda
Course Outline:

Central pattern generators: invertebrate models, vertebrate models, mechanisms of rhythm generation.
Signaling, examples in networks, and network implications
Muscle contraction and sensory feedback from muscles
Descending control
reticulospinal network
Cerebellum and basal ganglia 
(labs interspersed)

Diversity of nervous systems
Sensory coding: vision, mechanosensors,olfaction
Diversity of sensory systems
Diversity motor systems
Motor decoding – work-loop hypothesis in locomotory systems
Introduction to neuroethology
Course Term: Aug Term - 2017
Course Year: 2017/2018