Instructor: Sudhir Krishna, Reety Arora (NCBS); S. Prashanth and Upendra Bojani (Institute of Public Health).
Time: 2.00 PM - 3.30 PM
Duration of the course:
1st Oct 2017 to 15th Dec 2017
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Credits: 2
Class Room: LH2 (Langra)
Course Outline:

An advanced course will be taught from October 1st to December 15th, 2017.
There will be three core disease themes, viral and tobacco induced cancers
and AIDS. Using these three examples, the course will cover four principal
issues i) establishing disease association and causality ii) molecular and
cellular basis of disease iii) building the spectrum of prevention
measures iv) social and economic determinants of disease prevention and

Course Term: Aug Term - 2017
Course Year: 2017/2018