TitleThree new and notes on two other jumping spider species of the genus Stenaelurillus Simon, 1886 (Salticidae: Aelurillina) from the Deccan Plateau, India.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsMarathe K, Sanap R, Joglekar A, Caleb JTD, Maddison WP
Date Published2022 Apr 07
KeywordsAnimal Distribution, Animals, Female, India, Male, Spiders

We describe three new species of Stenaelurillus Simon, 1886 from the Deccan Plateau of India, and report on populations of S. sarojinae Caleb Mathai, 2014 and S. marusiki Logunov, 2001. One of the new species, S. shwetamukhi Marathe, Sanap, Maddison, sp. nov., has black-and-white markings, characteristic of several other Indian Stenaelurillus species. The other two new species, S. tamravarni Marathe Maddison, sp. nov., and S. vyaghri Sanap, Joglekar, Caleb, sp. nov., are colourful and with fringed male abdomens, like several other Indian species including S. sarojinae. The population of S. sarojinae from Mysuru, Karnataka, shows colours distinct from the population at the type locality. The female of S. marusiki is described for the first time.

Alternate JournalZootaxa
PubMed ID35391097