TitleOn the taxonomic status of Eurylepis poonaensis (Squamata: Scincidae): resolving a long-standing conundrum
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDatta-Roy A, Deepak V., Chaitanya R, Murthy C, Bhosale H, Lajmi A, K. Karanth P, Kunte K, Giri V
Date Published08/2017

The scincid genus Eurylepis was split off from the cosmopolitan genus Eumeces sensu lato, with Eurylepis taeniolatus
being the type species, which is taxonomically poorly understood. The other nominate species in this genus is
Eurylepis poonaensis, which was known only from its type locality and original description, and is the only known member
of the subfamily Scincinae from near the Western Ghats. However, earlier studies raised doubts about its specific validity,
often without examining type or other specimens. We collected fresh samples of this species from the type locality
and nearby areas. Based on the examination of the holotype and the new material, we provide a detailed redescription of
E. poonaensis, additional data on its skeletal structure, habitat, and natural history. We also provide a detailed redescription
of E. taeniolatus based on the holotype to avoid further taxonomic ambiguity.