TitleSEPT7 regulates Ca entry through Orai channels in human neural progenitor cells and neurons.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsDeb BK, Chakraborty P, Gopurappilly R, Hasan G
JournalCell Calcium
Date Published2020 Jul 09

Human neural progenitor cells (hNPCs) are self-renewing cells of neural lineage that can be differentiated into neurons of different subtypes. Here we show that SEPT7, a member of the family of filament-forming GTPases called septins, prevents constitutive Ca entry through the store-operated Ca entry channel, Orai in hNPCs and in differentiated neurons and is thus required for neuronal calcium homeostasis. Previous work in Drosophila neurons has shown that loss of one copy of the evolutionarily-conserved dSEPT7 gene leads to elevated Ca entry via Orai, in the absence of ER-Ca store depletion. We have identified an N-terminal polybasic region of SEPT7, known to interact with membrane-localized phospholipids, as essential for spontaneous calcium entry through Orai in hNPCs, whereas the GTPase domain of dSEPT7 is dispensable for this purpose. Re-organisation of Orai1 and the ER-Ca sensor STIM1 observed near the plasma membrane in SEPT7 KD hNPCs, supports the idea that Septin7 containing heteromers prevent Ca entry through a fraction of STIM-Orai complexes. Possible mechanisms by which SEPT7 reduction leads to opening of Orai channels in the absence of store-depletion are discussed.

Alternate JournalCell Calcium
PubMed ID32682163