TitleA novel monopartite begomovirus and satellites associated with yellow mosaic disease of Sida spp. in India.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsChahwala FD, Singh D, R Kumar V, Rathore S, Yadav BK, Singh B, Singh AK
JournalArch Virol
Date Published2020 Oct 17

Begomoviruses (family Geminiviridae) cause severe diseases in many economically important crops and non-cultivated plants in the warmer regions of the world. Non-cultivated weeds have been reported to act as natural virus reservoirs. In January 2016, Sida plants with yellow mosaic symptoms were found at the edge of an agricultural field in Gujarat, India. Sequence analysis of the viral genomic components cloned from a diseased Sida plant indicated the presence of a distinct monopartite begomovirus (proposed as sida yellow mosaic Gujarat virus) along with a betasatellite (ludwigia leaf distortion betasatellite) and an alphasatellite (malvastrum yellow mosaic alphasatellite). Our results emphasize that this weed may harbor a begomovirus-alphasatellite-betasatellite complex. This host serves as a potential source of virus inoculum, which can be transmitted by whiteflies to other cultivated crops.

Alternate JournalArch Virol
PubMed ID33068191
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