TitleMolecular markers for early stratification of disease severity and progression in COVID-19.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsKashyap A, Sebastian SAnne, NarayanaSwamy SRaksha Kri, Raksha KK, Krishnamurthy H, Krishna B, D'Souza G, Idiculla J, Vyas N
JournalBiol Methods Protoc
Date Published2022

COVID-19 infections have imposed immense pressure on the healthcare system of most countries. While the initial studies have identified better therapeutic and diagnostic approaches, the disease severity is still assessed by close monitoring of symptoms by healthcare professionals due to the lack of biomarkers for disease stratification. In this study, we have probed the immune and molecular profiles of COVID-19 patients at 48-h intervals after hospitalization to identify early markers, if any, of disease progression and severity. Our study reveals that the molecular profiles of patients likely to enter the host-immune response-mediated moderate or severe disease progression are distinct even in the early phase of infection when severe symptoms are not yet apparent. Our data from 37 patients suggest that at hospitalization, interleukins (IL6) (>300 pg/ml) and IL8 levels (>200 pg/ml) identify cytokine-dependent disease progression. Monitoring their levels will facilitate timely intervention using available immunomodulators or precision medicines in those likely to progress due to cytokine storm and help improve outcomes. Additionally, it will also help identify cytokine-independent progressive patients, not likely to benefit from immunomodulators or precision drugs.

Alternate JournalBiol Methods Protoc
PubMed ID36518355
PubMed Central IDPMC9731223