TitleLévy flights in the presence of a point sink of finite strength.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsJanakiraman D
JournalPhys Rev E
Date Published2017 Jan

In this paper, the absorption of a particle undergoing Lévy flight in the presence of a point sink of arbitrary strength and position is studied. The motion of such a particle is given by a modified Fokker-Planck equation whose exact solution in the Laplace domain can be described in terms of the Laplace transform of the unperturbed (absence of the sink) Green's function. This solution for the Green's function is a well-studied, generic result which applies to both fractional and usual Fokker-Planck equations alike. Using this result, the propagator and the absorption-time distribution are obtained for free Lévy flight and Lévy flight in linear and harmonic potentials in the presence of a delta function sink, and their dependence on the sink strength is analyzed. Analytical results are presented for the long-time behavior of the absorption-time distribution in all three above-mentioned potentials. Simulation results are found to corroborate closely with analytical results.

Alternate JournalPhys Rev E
PubMed ID28208350