TitleFunctional characterization of a transition metal ion transporter, OsZIP6 from rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsG KP, Kuruvilla S, Mathew MK
JournalPlant Physiol Biochem
Date Published2015 Dec

Micronutrients are important for the growth and development of plants, which deploy families of transporters for their uptake and distribution. We have functionally characterized a novel transition metal ion transporter from rice, OsZIP6 (Oryza sativa zinc regulated transporter, iron regulated transporter-like protein 6). The transporter was found to be transcriptionally activated in shoot and root tissues in response to deficiency in Fe(2+), Zn(2+) and Mn(2+). OsZIP6 was expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes, where currents were observed on addition of Co(2+), Fe(2+) and Cd(2+) but not Zn(2+), Mn(2+) and Ni(2+). This substrate range for OsZIP6, identified using two-electrode voltage clamp electrophysiology was confirmed by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Ion transport by OsZIP6 was found to be pH dependent and enhanced transport was observed at acidic pH. Radioisotope uptake suggested that Co(2+) competitively inhibits Fe(2+) uptake by OsZIP6. Identification and characterization of ZIP family members from crop plants will contribute to an understanding of nutrient mineral homeostasis in these plants.

Alternate JournalPlant Physiol. Biochem.
PubMed ID26476396