TitleFMRP Interacts with C/D Box snoRNA in the Nucleus and Regulates Ribosomal RNA Methylation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsD'Souza MNinochka, Gowda NKumar Chan, Tiwari V, Babu ROttakandat, Anand P, Dastidar SGhosh, Singh R, Selvaraja B, Pal R, Ramesh A, Chattarji S, Chandran S, Gulyani A, Palakodeti D, Muddashetty RS
Date Published2018 Nov 07

FMRP is an RNA-binding protein that is known to localize in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus. Here, we have identified an interaction of FMRP with a specific set of C/D box snoRNAs in the nucleus. C/D box snoRNAs guide 2'O methylations of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) on defined sites, and this modification regulates rRNA folding and assembly of ribosomes. 2'O methylation of rRNA is partial on several sites in human embryonic stem cells, which results in ribosomes with differential methylation patterns. FMRP-snoRNA interaction affects rRNA methylation on several of these sites, and in the absence of FMRP, differential methylation pattern of rRNA is significantly altered. We found that FMRP recognizes ribosomes carrying specific methylation patterns on rRNA and the recognition of methylation pattern by FMRP may potentially determine the translation status of its target mRNAs. Thus, FMRP integrates its function in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm.

Alternate JournaliScience
PubMed ID30469012