TitleExpression and purification of OsVDAC4.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGodbole A, Dubey AK, Mitra R, Reddy PS, Mathew MK
JournalMethods Enzymol
Date Published2015

The voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC), a major component of the mitochondrial outer membrane, has emerged as an important player in cell function, survival, and death signaling. VDAC function is modulated by its interaction with proteins such as hexokinase, adenine nucleotide translocator, and apoptotic proteins like Bax. Monitoring the activity of VDAC and its modulation in the complex cellular milieu is fraught with complications. Minimizing the number of components in the study is one approach to teasing apart various aspects of its function. In this chapter, we have described detailed protocols for the purification of a rice VDAC isoform, OsVDAC4 after overexpression in a bacterial system. The protein is solubilized with LDAO and then reconstituted into liposomes or planar bilayers to verify its competence to fold into a functionally active form.

Alternate JournalMeth. Enzymol.
PubMed ID25857777