TitleCultivar-specific miRNA-mediated RNA silencing in grapes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsTirumalai V, Narjala A, Swetha C, G Sundar VHari, Sujith TN, Shivaprasad PV
Date Published2022 Jun 23
KeywordsGene Expression Regulation, Plant, MicroRNAs, Plant Breeding, RNA Interference, RNA, Plant, Sequence Analysis, RNA, Vitis

MAIN CONCLUSION: In-depth comparative degradome analysis of two domesticated grape cultivars with diverse secondary metabolite accumulation reveals differential miRNA-mediated targeting. Small (s)RNAs such as micro(mi)RNAs and secondary small interfering (si) often work as negative switches of gene expression. In plants, it is well known that miRNAs target and cleave mRNAs that have high sequence complementarity. However, it is not known if there are variations in miRNA-mediated targeting between subspecies and cultivars that have been subjected to vast genetic modifications through breeding and other selections. Here, we have used PAREsnip2 tool for analysis of degradome datasets derived from two contrasting domesticated grape cultivars having varied fruit color, habit and leaf shape. We identified several interesting variations in sRNA targeting using degradome and 5'RACE analysis between two contrasting grape cultivars that was further correlated using RNA-seq analysis. Several of the differences we identified are associated with secondary metabolic pathways. We propose possible means by which sRNAs might contribute to diversity in secondary metabolites and other development pathways between two domesticated cultivars of grapes.

Alternate JournalPlanta
PubMed ID35737180