TitleComprehensive phylogeny of Pieridae butterflies reveals strong correlation between diversification and temperature.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2024
AuthorsCarvalho APaula S, Owens HL, St Laurent RA, Earl C, Dexter KM, Messcher RL, Willmott KR, Aduse-Poku K, Collins SC, Homziak NT, Hoshizaki S, Hsu Y-F, Kizhakke AG, Kunte K, Martins DJ, Mega NO, Morinaka S, Peggie D, Romanowski HP, Sáfián S, Vila R, Wang H, Braby MF, Espeland M, Breinholt JW, Pierce NE, Kawahara AY, Lohman DJ
Date Published2024 Apr 19

Temperature is thought to be a key factor influencing global species richness patterns. We investigate the link between temperature and diversification in the butterfly family Pieridae by combining next generation DNA sequences and published molecular data with fine-grained distribution data. We sampled nearly 600 pierid butterfly species to infer the most comprehensive molecular phylogeny of the family and curated a distribution dataset of more than 800,000 occurrences. We found strong evidence that species in environments with more stable daily temperatures or cooler maximum temperatures in the warm seasons have higher speciation rates. Furthermore, speciation and extinction rates decreased in tandem with global temperatures through geological time, resulting in a constant net diversification.

Alternate JournaliScience
PubMed ID38500827
PubMed Central IDPMC10945170