Based on performance in the TIFR/JGEEBILS exam held on 10th December 2023, the following candidates are invited to submit a full application. This will be used by the following Centres/Institutions to shortlist candidates for interviews: DBS-TIFR (Mumbai); TIFR-Hyderabad; NCBS-TIFR/inStem (Bangalore). Each Centre/Institution makes decisions to shortlist candidates independently, based on the material submitted in the full application.
We strongly encourage you to provide institutional email IDs for your referees. You will receive a notification when your referees are contacted and are responsible for ensuring that the reports are sent in on time.
There is no provision to submit the Application Form or Referee Reports offline. Incomplete application forms or those not supported by Referee Reports are invalid and not processed further.
Candidates are then shortlisted for interviews by each Centre/Institution on the basis of the statement of interest, scientific and extra-curricular efforts, academic performance, Referee Reports, and scores/ranks in written tests. If you are shortlisted, you will receive a call letter directly from the relevant Centre(s)/Institution(s). The dates for the interviews will be mentioned in this call letter.
DBS/NCBS/TIFR-H will also consider candidates based on their GATE/CSIR/UGC-NET rank. Via this route we will only consider candidates if:
(1) You are in the top 05 percentile of ranks (e.g. You must have a rank of 100 or better if a total of 2000 candidates appeared for the corresponding exam). In the full application you will be required to state your GATE/CSIR/UGC-NET rank and upload the corresponding Scorecard as supporting evidence. 
If the above apply to your case, please write to We will provide instructions to you on how to submit a full application.
For any deviations from this procedure you must obtain approval and instructions by writing to

Last Date to Submit Complete Application For JGEEBILS : 29th Feb 2024 till 11.59 pm

Last Date to Submit Complete Application For National Exams :31st March 2024 till 11.59 pm

List of Candidates Shortlisted in the GS 2024 Entrance Exam held on 10th December, 2023
Application Sequence No. Name
GS2024BIOPHD001580 Aaditya Manjit Singh
GS2024BIOPHD006726 Aakansha Chhajer
GS2024BIOPHD017741 Aakar Anshul
GS2024BIOPHD008386 Aakriti Langeh
GS2024BIOPHD007069 Aarathi Lakshman
GS2024BIOPHD010421 Aarjith Damian Davis
GS2024BIOPHD012105 Aarti Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD016156 Aayushi Gajender Singh
GS2024BIOPHD016520 Aberam Nagarajan
GS2024BIOPHD017584 Abhilash Rayaguru
GS2024BIOPHD010618 Abhinanda Adak
GS2024BIOPHD004173 Abhinav Gupta
GS2024BIOPHD009800 Abhinav Kumar Vats
GS2024BIOPHD006396 Abhinav Shambhunath Verma
GS2024BIOPHD014405 Abhiram Matta
GS2024BIOPHD012888 Abhishek
GS2024BIOPHD001098 Abhishek Paik
GS2024BIOPHD017078 Abhishek Raj
GS2024BIOPHD013486 Abhishek Tanwar
GS2024BIOPHD018621 Abinash Mishra
GS2024BIOPHD014148 Abishek J V R
GS2024BIOPHD006098 Abyaktaguru Dash
GS2024BIOPHD011389 Abyasree Sudharman
GS2024BIOPHD013997 Achyuta Nanda Sahu
GS2024BIOPHD012681 Adarsh J
GS2024BIOPHD016385 Adarsh Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD020054 Adarsh Singh
GS2024BIOPHD014181 Adesh Rajaram Wadate
GS2024BIOPHD004413 Aditi Anil Dedge
GS2024BIOPHD005543 Adityo Chaudhury
GS2024BIOPHD012129 Adrija Banerjee
GS2024BIOPHD010867 Adrita Chakraborty
GS2024BIOPHD005283 Afrah Layeek Nawab
GS2024BIOPHD012557 Agnidipa Sett
GS2024BIOPHD008453 Ahmed Jawed Hassan
GS2024BIOPHD009299 Aishwarya
GS2024BIOPHD008240 Aishwarya Shashi Nair
GS2024BIOPHD014853 Ajay Jaideep Malik
GS2024BIOPHD010897 Akansha Singh
GS2024BIOPHD010870 Akash Rao G
GS2024BIOPHD007244 Akhilesh Ajay Puranik
GS2024BIOPHD006552 Akshata Anandrao Deshmukh
GS2024BIOPHD002241 Akshay Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD004672 Akshssmita Somani
GS2024BIOPHD015478 Alisha Behera
GS2024BIOPHD015682 Aliza Zainab
GS2024BIOPHD012934 Aman Murari
GS2024BIOPHD001700 Amartya Chowdhury
GS2024BIOPHD013599 Ambarish C R
GS2024BIOPHD017537 Ambili Pramod
GS2024BIOPHD007184 Ameya Ameya Dinesh
GS2024BIOPHD010909 Ameya Narendra Pawaskar
GS2024BIOPHD010313 Amit Beniwal
GS2024BIOPHD005955 Amlan Banerjee
GS2024BIOPHD012296 Amol Mishra
GS2024BIOPHD014378 Amrit Shrivastava
GS2024BIOPHD002373 Amrita Priyadarshinee
GS2024BIOPHD011884 Anagha Dinesh
GS2024BIOPHD007831 Anagha K
GS2024BIOPHD007548 Anant Garg
GS2024BIOPHD015424 Ananya Chugh
GS2024BIOPHD009391 Ananya Sachdev
GS2024BIOPHD008415 Anchita Roy
GS2024BIOPHD005276 Aniket Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD011459 Aniket Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD005861 Animesh Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD017906 Anindita Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD017402 Aniruddh Jhanwar
GS2024BIOPHD008896 Aniruddha Panja
GS2024BIOPHD003608 Anirudh Kumar Bishoyi
GS2024BIOPHD015602 Anisha Shaw
GS2024BIOPHD000353 Anishka
GS2024BIOPHD007730 Anitta David
GS2024BIOPHD015513 Anjali
GS2024BIOPHD011135 Anjali Karn
GS2024BIOPHD011210 Anjali Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD012192 Anjali Prajapati
GS2024BIOPHD012823 Anjali Raghav
GS2024BIOPHD015759 Anjali Vinod Surana
GS2024BIOPHD011741 Anjitha Sankaran Puthillam
GS2024BIOPHD017698 Ankish Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD010874 Ankit Kumar Vats
GS2024BIOPHD006268 Ankit Patra
GS2024BIOPHD018392 Ankit Raj
GS2024BIOPHD005716 Ankita Koley
GS2024BIOPHD007503 Ankita Pai B H
GS2024BIOPHD016991 Ankush Rajput
GS2024BIOPHD001159 Anmol Verma
GS2024BIOPHD020292 Annemary Pius Alapatt
GS2024BIOPHD012506 Annu Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD008271 Anubhab Roy
GS2024BIOPHD000354 Anuj Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD002052 Anukool Ojha
GS2024BIOPHD009982 Anupriya Bandyopadhyay
GS2024BIOPHD002739 Anurag Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD014237 Anurika De
GS2024BIOPHD003747 Anurup Nayek
GS2024BIOPHD013471 Anushka Dayal
GS2024BIOPHD001930 Anushka Verma
GS2024BIOPHD011030 Anushree Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD017081 Anusmita Ganguly
GS2024BIOPHD007060 Anusree A
GS2024BIOPHD013288 Anwesha De
GS2024BIOPHD007820 Anwesha Dutta Gupta
GS2024BIOPHD018310 Anwesha Laha
GS2024BIOPHD001436 Anwesha Mandal
GS2024BIOPHD008826 Anwesha Saha
GS2024BIOPHD000490 Aparna Upadrasta
GS2024BIOPHD013128 Arabinda Saha
GS2024BIOPHD017120 Aradhana Gangwar
GS2024BIOPHD010048 Aravind P S
GS2024BIOPHD014354 Archana R Nair
GS2024BIOPHD018838 Archisha Banerjee
GS2024BIOPHD019840 Archisman Maitra
GS2024BIOPHD014534 Areeba Ahmad
GS2024BIOPHD000468 Arihant Kumar Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD019862 Arijit Mukherjee
GS2024BIOPHD019582 Arjun Bhardwaj
GS2024BIOPHD013689 Arkadyuti Ghorai
GS2024BIOPHD011513 Arkopal Sen
GS2024BIOPHD006456 Arpit Mathur
GS2024BIOPHD005840 Arpit Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD011358 Arpita Dash
GS2024BIOPHD014011 Arpita Mahata
GS2024BIOPHD015522 Arunima Pramanick
GS2024BIOPHD006884 Aryan
GS2024BIOPHD012600 Aryesh Acharjee
GS2024BIOPHD002966 Ashwin Ananthanarayanan
GS2024BIOPHD017921 Asmita Saha
GS2024BIOPHD006909 Astha Sarmah
GS2024BIOPHD019113 Astha Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD019391 Athang Madan Sawant
GS2024BIOPHD000551 Atharv Vinay Ambekar
GS2024BIOPHD010621 Atheena Abhayakumar
GS2024BIOPHD008837 Athira Krishnan
GS2024BIOPHD005960 Athulya T
GS2024BIOPHD003259 Athulya V A
GS2024BIOPHD007113 Auqib Hussain Parray
GS2024BIOPHD001157 Avigyan Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD012876 Avijit Mondal
GS2024BIOPHD010967 Avinash
GS2024BIOPHD018256 Avirup Chakraborty
GS2024BIOPHD011242 Ayanika Das
GS2024BIOPHD019659 Ayesha Anwar
GS2024BIOPHD018315 Ayushi Singh
GS2024BIOPHD013971 Ayushi Upadhyay
GS2024BIOPHD020246 Barsha Rani Pradhan
GS2024BIOPHD002163 Basab Bijayee Bera
GS2024BIOPHD007027 Bayasis M Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD001838 Bharti Agarwal
GS2024BIOPHD009746 Bharti Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD009102 Bhashkar Paul
GS2024BIOPHD014458 Bhavya Hirenbhai Nanavati
GS2024BIOPHD000031 Bhawana
GS2024BIOPHD012811 Bidisha Karmakar
GS2024BIOPHD001229 Bishnu Prasad Sahoo
GS2024BIOPHD019253 Britny Blaize
GS2024BIOPHD010074 Chandhana Prakash
GS2024BIOPHD005838 Chandrakanta Behera
GS2024BIOPHD004541 Chitra Dharmdev Pathak
GS2024BIOPHD020336 Darshana Jain
GS2024BIOPHD012298 Debashis Barik
GS2024BIOPHD006429 Debashish Barik
GS2024BIOPHD001120 Debatri Chakraborty
GS2024BIOPHD003205 Debava Chaudhuri
GS2024BIOPHD012714 Debkanya Sengupta
GS2024BIOPHD016684 Debosmita Bhattacharya
GS2024BIOPHD017961 Debtosh Patra
GS2024BIOPHD005292 Deepam Bhattacharya
GS2024BIOPHD018987 Deepesh Bhatt
GS2024BIOPHD005495 Devanjan Mondal
GS2024BIOPHD012884 Devansh Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD013714 Devarakonda Venkata Lakshmi Prasanna
GS2024BIOPHD010943 Dhanyashree Ragimasalawada
GS2024BIOPHD019725 Dharani Krishnadas Kurup
GS2024BIOPHD003170 Dharmesh Kishorbhai Tanna
GS2024BIOPHD019561 Dhruv Soni
GS2024BIOPHD016534 Dibya Rana Saha Roy
GS2024BIOPHD011311 Dibyam Debasish Sahu
GS2024BIOPHD005087 Dibyendu Naskar
GS2024BIOPHD007084 Dibyo Mazumder
GS2024BIOPHD013447 Digvijoy Dinesh Gogoi
GS2024BIOPHD018143 Dip Shikha Maurya
GS2024BIOPHD007633 Dipannita Ghosh Dastider
GS2024BIOPHD014710 Diptanil Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD002845 Dipti Bhattacharya
GS2024BIOPHD006238 Dishita Mishra
GS2024BIOPHD002230 Divya Rajput
GS2024BIOPHD018582 Dnyaneshwar Annasaheb Kotkar
GS2024BIOPHD018424 Dwijattam Mukherjee
GS2024BIOPHD017895 Eeshan Ajay Damle
GS2024BIOPHD018870 Ekta
GS2024BIOPHD003910 Ekumjot Kaur
GS2024BIOPHD004069 Enakshi Das
GS2024BIOPHD011154 Farhin Sultana
GS2024BIOPHD017694 Faruque Siddique
GS2024BIOPHD018396 Fathima Zahrana
GS2024BIOPHD012827 Fazeelat Hera
GS2024BIOPHD007316 Fidha Rafeeq C
GS2024BIOPHD018389 Gargi Ganguly
GS2024BIOPHD012267 Gargi Mondal
GS2024BIOPHD001499 Gargi Nandi
GS2024BIOPHD001073 Gauri Saini
GS2024BIOPHD009859 Gautam Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD018152 Gayathri R
GS2024BIOPHD018873 Gayathri Suresh
GS2024BIOPHD014885 Gayathrinanda Prakash
GS2024BIOPHD017538 Gopesh Kamal Bajre
GS2024BIOPHD006288 Gopika Nambiar
GS2024BIOPHD008500 Gopinath P
GS2024BIOPHD019177 Gorthi Saiteja Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD007125 Gourab Chatterjee
GS2024BIOPHD018888 Gowtham B
GS2024BIOPHD016365 Hadiqua Jabeen
GS2024BIOPHD011839 Haimanti Nath
GS2024BIOPHD010104 Harikrishnan S
GS2024BIOPHD000185 Harini P
GS2024BIOPHD020485 Harshita Bansal
GS2024BIOPHD001536 Harshita Mangla
GS2024BIOPHD013650 Harshita Panchal
GS2024BIOPHD013299 Harshita Rani Patnaik
GS2024BIOPHD001522 Harsimerpreet Kour
GS2024BIOPHD007766 Himanshi Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD004508 Ilvika Kandhway
GS2024BIOPHD006765 Indranil Haldar
GS2024BIOPHD017876 Ishan Alok Pandey
GS2024BIOPHD010819 Jagriti
GS2024BIOPHD003512 Jahanvi Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD007649 Jahnavi Chivukula
GS2024BIOPHD007014 Jaishree Jaishree
GS2024BIOPHD013942 Janhavi Aniket Bapat
GS2024BIOPHD010133 Jasbir Singh
GS2024BIOPHD015107 Jay Phadke
GS2024BIOPHD014485 Jaya Bharti
GS2024BIOPHD018520 Jayant Das
GS2024BIOPHD009945 Jayashis Dasgupta
GS2024BIOPHD002236 Jayeeta Nandi
GS2024BIOPHD004269 Jenish Rajeshbhai Tank
GS2024BIOPHD015799 Jerusha Emmanuel
GS2024BIOPHD020082 Jeziah Jogy
GS2024BIOPHD009987 Jissy Anna George
GS2024BIOPHD018767 Jithinamol A S
GS2024BIOPHD012146 Joydeep Das
GS2024BIOPHD011016 Junaid Alam
GS2024BIOPHD007137 Jyoti Bhandari
GS2024BIOPHD004952 Jyoti Chaurasia
GS2024BIOPHD003603 Kadambini Pradhan
GS2024BIOPHD013946 Kaisar Nisar Nisar
GS2024BIOPHD015839 Kaiser Rasool
GS2024BIOPHD017628 Kajal Tyagi
GS2024BIOPHD010540 Kamal Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD018505 Kamallata Chakraborty
GS2024BIOPHD013255 Kambati Niharika
GS2024BIOPHD015804 Kamya Samir Pandya
GS2024BIOPHD014818 Kanyaka Jena
GS2024BIOPHD017973 Karan Singh Chauhan
GS2024BIOPHD005249 Karishma
GS2024BIOPHD009307 Karishma S Jith
GS2024BIOPHD012949 Karthik R Shrinivasan
GS2024BIOPHD006911 Kartik Anand
GS2024BIOPHD016036 Kavya K M
GS2024BIOPHD011803 Keerthana M J
GS2024BIOPHD015109 Ketan Deodatt Kulkarni
GS2024BIOPHD009555 Khumbongmayum Thoibisana Devi
GS2024BIOPHD012996 Khyati Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD016242 Kingkini Roychoudhury
GS2024BIOPHD008075 Kirti Taneja
GS2024BIOPHD015086 Kishal Roy
GS2024BIOPHD002953 Koushiki Das
GS2024BIOPHD003115 Krishanu Choudhury
GS2024BIOPHD010680 Krishna Sawarn
GS2024BIOPHD014751 Kritika Varshney
GS2024BIOPHD009003 Kumar Vaibhav
GS2024BIOPHD003264 Kumaresan Tn
GS2024BIOPHD002267 Kumari Kritika
GS2024BIOPHD003412 Kundhanathan
GS2024BIOPHD007317 Ladeeda
GS2024BIOPHD015485 Lakshmi K
GS2024BIOPHD015464 Laya V P
GS2024BIOPHD008006 Liba Mehdi
GS2024BIOPHD010528 M L Murchana Kalita
GS2024BIOPHD000684 Magna Jom
GS2024BIOPHD017106 Mahima
GS2024BIOPHD013451 Mahima Saha
GS2024BIOPHD009901 Mahimn Indravadan Dave
GS2024BIOPHD015353 Maitreyee Gope
GS2024BIOPHD005148 Majaz Ahmad Bhat
GS2024BIOPHD006300 Manan Bhavesh Doshi
GS2024BIOPHD015319 Manasmita Amiyaranjan Bera
GS2024BIOPHD017654 Mandeep
GS2024BIOPHD016689 Manish Kumar Nayak
GS2024BIOPHD013470 Manish Kumar Singh
GS2024BIOPHD007104 Manisha Bose
GS2024BIOPHD005571 Manisha Debnath
GS2024BIOPHD000842 Manjari Guha Roy
GS2024BIOPHD020195 Manju
GS2024BIOPHD018551 Manoj B
GS2024BIOPHD014783 Mansi Dhangar
GS2024BIOPHD005727 Mantu Lal
GS2024BIOPHD019059 Manu Prasad K
GS2024BIOPHD009889 Manu Priya Awasthi
GS2024BIOPHD009193 Md Khushdil Alam
GS2024BIOPHD019899 Md Noushad Ali
GS2024BIOPHD010611 Md Shabab Akhter
GS2024BIOPHD003290 Md Wasim Akram Ddoza Hazari
GS2024BIOPHD001853 Md Zafar Iqubal
GS2024BIOPHD009973 Md. Aniruzzaman
GS2024BIOPHD013042 Meenakshi Ganesh
GS2024BIOPHD008192 Meghamouli Rana
GS2024BIOPHD020481 Meghna Shukla
GS2024BIOPHD018984 Mihir Ojha
GS2024BIOPHD003038 Milky Mittal
GS2024BIOPHD014091 Minakshi Nanda
GS2024BIOPHD010463 Minhaaz Suhail
GS2024BIOPHD000653 Mithuna V M
GS2024BIOPHD010789 Mohammad Abdullah
GS2024BIOPHD020052 Mohammad Danish Ansari
GS2024BIOPHD011677 Mohammed Salman C K
GS2024BIOPHD005233 Mohd Anas
GS2024BIOPHD017893 Mohd Fahad
GS2024BIOPHD001885 Mohit Billore
GS2024BIOPHD001849 Monty Vijayvargiya
GS2024BIOPHD008412 Mouparna Majumder
GS2024BIOPHD014283 Mourya Mondal
GS2024BIOPHD012906 Mukul Verma
GS2024BIOPHD010166 Mustafeez Ali Quaderi
GS2024BIOPHD017883 Nabhonil Chatterji
GS2024BIOPHD017281 Namitha V S
GS2024BIOPHD011378 Namra Tasnim
GS2024BIOPHD009457 Namrata Vaswani
GS2024BIOPHD004745 Nancy Gupta
GS2024BIOPHD018946 Nandha Krishnan S
GS2024BIOPHD003801 Nandini Menon
GS2024BIOPHD009382 Nandini Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD015129 Navneeth Ramesh P
GS2024BIOPHD005460 Nawaz Akhter
GS2024BIOPHD003979 Neeta Karont
GS2024BIOPHD000435 Neha
GS2024BIOPHD013747 Neha Dixit
GS2024BIOPHD020437 Neha Praful Walawalkar
GS2024BIOPHD003510 Nia Maria Fatima Do Carmo Lobo
GS2024BIOPHD018426 Nijin J N
GS2024BIOPHD008455 Nikhat Parveen
GS2024BIOPHD020181 Nikhil Kumar Chourasiya
GS2024BIOPHD007138 Nikhil Saripalli
GS2024BIOPHD009941 Nikhitha Thomas
GS2024BIOPHD015400 Nikita Negi
GS2024BIOPHD017771 Nikku Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD016457 Nirlipta Nilanjana
GS2024BIOPHD014857 Nishant Parida
GS2024BIOPHD001540 Nishit Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD014643 Nishtha Bhardwaj
GS2024BIOPHD009589 Nitin Jindal
GS2024BIOPHD006187 Nitish Pal
GS2024BIOPHD011204 Nitu Shah
GS2024BIOPHD001342 Niyati Gadepalli
GS2024BIOPHD015202 Nudrat Jahan
GS2024BIOPHD000426 Nuremustafa Khatri
GS2024BIOPHD015713 Omkar Manojkumar Golatkar
GS2024BIOPHD020360 Palash Sen
GS2024BIOPHD006544 Pallavi Chakraborty
GS2024BIOPHD017596 Pallavi Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD017443 Pallavi Yuvraj Babar
GS2024BIOPHD014860 Parichay Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD013340 Paridhi Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD017063 Parth Kapil
GS2024BIOPHD001750 Pavitra Batra
GS2024BIOPHD014483 Pawan Kumar Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD013815 Payal Pb
GS2024BIOPHD013577 Pogiri Venkata Narayana Avinash
GS2024BIOPHD014999 Pooja Chhotan Singh
GS2024BIOPHD020061 Pooja Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD009903 Poojitha Nuthalapati
GS2024BIOPHD018548 Poorva Grover
GS2024BIOPHD017312 Pousukhi Bagchi
GS2024BIOPHD018819 Prachi
GS2024BIOPHD000541 Prachi Pravin Dumbre
GS2024BIOPHD002012 Pragya Santra
GS2024BIOPHD009130 Prajakta Nagesh Reur
GS2024BIOPHD009242 Prajwal Roopanath M M
GS2024BIOPHD009821 Prakash Kumar Maurya
GS2024BIOPHD000510 Prakhar Varshney
GS2024BIOPHD013012 Prakriti Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD007451 Pramita Kundu
GS2024BIOPHD018054 Pranshu Tyagi
GS2024BIOPHD019433 Prashant Prakash
GS2024BIOPHD008263 Prateek Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD011730 Prathamesh Sanjay Waje
GS2024BIOPHD002098 Pratibha
GS2024BIOPHD017093 Pratibha Choudhury
GS2024BIOPHD012826 Prerna Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD017167 Pritam Choudhury
GS2024BIOPHD014487 Prithvi Prashant Kulkarni
GS2024BIOPHD006078 Priti Jagannath Kanade
GS2024BIOPHD014557 Priya Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD011976 Priyanka Bera
GS2024BIOPHD009671 Priyanka Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD020084 Purna Pradip Pardeshi
GS2024BIOPHD018477 R Raajalakshmi
GS2024BIOPHD001257 R S S Naga Pallavi
GS2024BIOPHD020463 Radhika Mittal
GS2024BIOPHD001566 Radhika Raj
GS2024BIOPHD015486 Ragendhu N K
GS2024BIOPHD006778 Raghunandan D R
GS2024BIOPHD006938 Rahul Khaleri
GS2024BIOPHD015930 Rahul Singh Bisht
GS2024BIOPHD013239 Rajarshee Tagore
GS2024BIOPHD010758 Rajeshwari Kannan
GS2024BIOPHD006881 Rajeshwari Podder
GS2024BIOPHD011731 Ram Kumar Kumawat
GS2024BIOPHD003021 Ranita Basu
GS2024BIOPHD000910 Rashi Raj
GS2024BIOPHD018743 Ratna Priya
GS2024BIOPHD004593 Ratna Sri Harshita Mummadavarapu
GS2024BIOPHD002871 Reetapa Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD006953 Renjith V S
GS2024BIOPHD008927 Renuka
GS2024BIOPHD001269 Ridhima Behl
GS2024BIOPHD015467 Rima Bhattachariya
GS2024BIOPHD002179 Rishab Singh
GS2024BIOPHD011085 Rishabh Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD001622 Rishali Wadhawan
GS2024BIOPHD017966 Rishav Kundu
GS2024BIOPHD000449 Rishika Bukhariya
GS2024BIOPHD011458 Rishika Maji
GS2024BIOPHD003589 Ritabina Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD011079 Ritam Das
GS2024BIOPHD019012 Rithu Gokul K
GS2024BIOPHD002473 Ritik Madhukar Upare
GS2024BIOPHD018483 Ritika Sachdeva
GS2024BIOPHD016378 Ritu Singh
GS2024BIOPHD019672 Ritwick Sachdeva
GS2024BIOPHD018388 Riya Elizabeth Saji
GS2024BIOPHD019259 Rohan Alag
GS2024BIOPHD005259 Rohan Gupta
GS2024BIOPHD011413 Rohan Mohanta
GS2024BIOPHD011817 Rohit Pradeep Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD015807 Roshani Singh
GS2024BIOPHD017202 Rounak Basu
GS2024BIOPHD008334 Ruchir Deshpande
GS2024BIOPHD020101 Ruchira Pal
GS2024BIOPHD008393 Rupali Singh
GS2024BIOPHD016885 Rupesh Abhimanyu Pradhan
GS2024BIOPHD002128 Rupesh Jhamnani
GS2024BIOPHD001967 Rutuja Jagtap
GS2024BIOPHD016043 Rutuja Nitin Thale
GS2024BIOPHD018431 Saba Noor
GS2024BIOPHD015438 Sabika Ali
GS2024BIOPHD004991 Saborni Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD008437 Sabuj Das
GS2024BIOPHD006140 Sachin Kalyani
GS2024BIOPHD004289 Sachin Kumar Sah
GS2024BIOPHD020347 Saema Shams
GS2024BIOPHD004373 Sagnik Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD010530 Sagnik Rout
GS2024BIOPHD019205 Sai Sunil Sagole
GS2024BIOPHD011092 Sailayee Choudhury
GS2024BIOPHD009826 Sajal Kumar Barman
GS2024BIOPHD000680 Saket Gautam Sarkate
GS2024BIOPHD012365 Saloni Munjal
GS2024BIOPHD016808 Samadrita Mondal
GS2024BIOPHD011612 Sambuddha Talukdar
GS2024BIOPHD004632 Sammohan Krishna Das
GS2024BIOPHD020002 Sampurna Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD014155 Samriddhi Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD013438 Samrik Ray
GS2024BIOPHD005394 Samudra Bhaumik
GS2024BIOPHD011777 Sanchita Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD015624 Sandeep Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD001858 Sangita Dey
GS2024BIOPHD020036 Sanjana Yadav
GS2024BIOPHD020137 Sanjay Sathian
GS2024BIOPHD007383 Sanjibani Bag
GS2024BIOPHD014089 Santanu Adak
GS2024BIOPHD014281 Sanyami Jain
GS2024BIOPHD017211 Saptarshi Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD002889 Sarah Shajee Thomas
GS2024BIOPHD007029 Sarthak Mukherjee
GS2024BIOPHD004273 Sarvesh Sanjay Bhave
GS2024BIOPHD019670 Satabdi Mandal
GS2024BIOPHD013837 Satyam Kumar Singh
GS2024BIOPHD010950 Satyam Shukla
GS2024BIOPHD019861 Saubhagya Mohapatra
GS2024BIOPHD017298 Saubhik Mandal
GS2024BIOPHD005405 Saumya Mishra
GS2024BIOPHD014954 Saumya Prachi
GS2024BIOPHD017619 Saurav Subhash Gite
GS2024BIOPHD007056 Savan Patil
GS2024BIOPHD010066 Sayan Tribedi
GS2024BIOPHD006096 Sayani Sinharay
GS2024BIOPHD000678 Sayantani Sengupta
GS2024BIOPHD015542 Seema
GS2024BIOPHD016732 Sejal Sachin Shivarkar
GS2024BIOPHD020261 Shaheena Ahmed
GS2024BIOPHD009912 Shaikh Masrat Akhtar
GS2024BIOPHD006435 Shaily Verma
GS2024BIOPHD017169 Shakshi Rawat
GS2024BIOPHD005269 Shalini Bhaumik
GS2024BIOPHD015942 Shankhadeep Baksi
GS2024BIOPHD006229 Shantanu Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD019241 Shariva Vilas Kadupatil
GS2024BIOPHD002418 Shaun Mahanti
GS2024BIOPHD010229 Sheetal Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD019717 Shiba Prasad Panda
GS2024BIOPHD017325 Shibam Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD008862 Shivam Patnaik
GS2024BIOPHD016821 Shivani Kesari
GS2024BIOPHD020300 Shivanshi Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD003609 Shiwangi Chandak
GS2024BIOPHD015282 Shrabana Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD004595 Shreejit Saha
GS2024BIOPHD016618 Shrestha Saha
GS2024BIOPHD016024 Shreya Das
GS2024BIOPHD000808 Shreya Kandpal
GS2024BIOPHD004614 Shreya Mishra
GS2024BIOPHD009352 Shreya N B
GS2024BIOPHD018458 Shreya Roy
GS2024BIOPHD010692 Shreya V M
GS2024BIOPHD006713 Shreyosi Biswas
GS2024BIOPHD001553 Shritama Chakrabarty
GS2024BIOPHD011486 Shruti Agarwal
GS2024BIOPHD015508 Shrutika Pravin Raje
GS2024BIOPHD013046 Shubham Anand
GS2024BIOPHD000961 Shubham Kumar Abhishek
GS2024BIOPHD001237 Shubham Pandey
GS2024BIOPHD012995 Shubham Saini
GS2024BIOPHD019743 Shubham Tiwari
GS2024BIOPHD010304 Shubhangi Saini
GS2024BIOPHD007881 Shubhangi Shukla
GS2024BIOPHD018711 Shweta Tiwari
GS2024BIOPHD018615 Shyam Prasad Patnaik
GS2024BIOPHD015872 Shyamalima Bhattacharjee
GS2024BIOPHD006555 Siddhant Mahato
GS2024BIOPHD009522 Siddhant Pandey
GS2024BIOPHD018179 Siddharth Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD012849 Sidhardh H Menon
GS2024BIOPHD013874 Simran Mathur
GS2024BIOPHD012077 Simran Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD007867 Sneha Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD015136 Sneha Saha
GS2024BIOPHD007430 Sneha Sawoo
GS2024BIOPHD011613 Snehal Vijay Khairnar
GS2024BIOPHD012502 Soham Changdar
GS2024BIOPHD019133 Soham Raghavendra Jorapur
GS2024BIOPHD002805 Soma Banerjee
GS2024BIOPHD015557 Somanath Shyamsundar
GS2024BIOPHD004021 Somashekar.A
GS2024BIOPHD014275 Sombodhi Bhattacharya
GS2024BIOPHD014081 Somilya Mishra
GS2024BIOPHD009930 Somsuvra Chatterjee
GS2024BIOPHD002390 Sonakshi Srivastava
GS2024BIOPHD019700 Sonali Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD010842 Soni Kumari
GS2024BIOPHD012927 Soumili Nayak
GS2024BIOPHD001123 Soumyadeep Chakraborty
GS2024BIOPHD013731 Soumyadip Sinha
GS2024BIOPHD004950 Soumyajit Nag
GS2024BIOPHD008587 Soumyamitra Sahu
GS2024BIOPHD015462 Soumyanil Chatterjee
GS2024BIOPHD015101 Souparnika Nambiar
GS2024BIOPHD002515 Sourav Das
GS2024BIOPHD004438 Souvik Bhaduri
GS2024BIOPHD007402 Souvik Chowdhury Chowdhury
GS2024BIOPHD001066 Souvik Halder
GS2024BIOPHD010016 Souvik Srimani
GS2024BIOPHD009551 Sradha Suman Pradhan
GS2024BIOPHD011562 Sredha S Sunil
GS2024BIOPHD016219 Sreelakshmi S Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD002721 Srijan Dubey
GS2024BIOPHD006585 Sriparna Mondal
GS2024BIOPHD017987 Sristi Rajput
GS2024BIOPHD011914 Sritama Sarkar
GS2024BIOPHD005806 Sruthi K
GS2024BIOPHD007397 Steffi Khatol
GS2024BIOPHD015818 Subhankar Dey
GS2024BIOPHD016625 Subhasis Roy
GS2024BIOPHD008751 Subhayan Sengupta
GS2024BIOPHD015475 Subhomit Laha
GS2024BIOPHD016276 Subhrojyoti Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD015190 Suchandana Deka
GS2024BIOPHD012460 Sudarsh Ravindra Ingle
GS2024BIOPHD020346 Sudeepta Sarkar
GS2024BIOPHD001167 Sudipto Chaki
GS2024BIOPHD012275 Sukhada Ravindra Mene
GS2024BIOPHD005416 Sukriti
GS2024BIOPHD013440 Sukriti Aggarwal
GS2024BIOPHD010353 Sukriti Maity
GS2024BIOPHD014675 Sumbul Khan
GS2024BIOPHD016650 Sumit Kumar Pattanaik
GS2024BIOPHD003354 Sumit Singh
GS2024BIOPHD002149 Sumita Panda
GS2024BIOPHD016141 Sunaina
GS2024BIOPHD003612 Sundaram Ramchandran
GS2024BIOPHD016592 Sunisha E S
GS2024BIOPHD010061 Sunny Pal
GS2024BIOPHD002221 Suparna Sarkar
GS2024BIOPHD008464 Supraja B
GS2024BIOPHD007365 Surabhi Srivastava
GS2024BIOPHD013490 Suraj T
GS2024BIOPHD009170 Suraj Thapliyal
GS2024BIOPHD014245 Surya Sarathi Das
GS2024BIOPHD004023 Suryanarayana R
GS2024BIOPHD013611 Sushree Arpita Kumari Gupta
GS2024BIOPHD009615 Suvodeep Bhuniya
GS2024BIOPHD017054 Suvranil Dutta
GS2024BIOPHD018097 Suyog Zinjurte
GS2024BIOPHD006520 Swagat Dash Mohapatra
GS2024BIOPHD019486 Swapnil Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD015934 Swapnil Kumar Singh
GS2024BIOPHD013424 Swathi S J
GS2024BIOPHD016614 Swati Tomar
GS2024BIOPHD015004 Swayam Prakash Singh
GS2024BIOPHD000999 Sweety
GS2024BIOPHD015651 Syed Zeeshan Ali
GS2024BIOPHD001267 Tanay Bag
GS2024BIOPHD007333 Tanmay Devgan
GS2024BIOPHD013590 Tanmayi Vishwanath Bhosale
GS2024BIOPHD017975 Tanvi Agarwal
GS2024BIOPHD001913 Tanvi Kottat
GS2024BIOPHD007803 Tanvi Mathur
GS2024BIOPHD013750 Tarpana Kar
GS2024BIOPHD007661 Tarun Patil
GS2024BIOPHD009975 Tathagata Acharya
GS2024BIOPHD003852 Tejashwini Singh M
GS2024BIOPHD017048 Thanha Aboobacker
GS2024BIOPHD015221 Theja Kumar Gajula
GS2024BIOPHD011186 Tilottoma Kargupta
GS2024BIOPHD009217 Trishna Deka
GS2024BIOPHD015801 Tushar Manik Sherkhane
GS2024BIOPHD014521 Udaykiran Gandam
GS2024BIOPHD012877 Udbhav Verma
GS2024BIOPHD018439 Uditanshu Priyadarshi
GS2024BIOPHD011537 Urbi Ghosh
GS2024BIOPHD013475 Ushosi Bhattacharyya
GS2024BIOPHD014031 Vahidha Parveen
GS2024BIOPHD013446 Vaibhav Kothari
GS2024BIOPHD006693 Vaishnavi
GS2024BIOPHD012111 Vaishnavi Raut
GS2024BIOPHD008193 Vanshika
GS2024BIOPHD007176 Veenushah Bakshi
GS2024BIOPHD020379 Veerta
GS2024BIOPHD005430 Vidushi Rastogi
GS2024BIOPHD015344 Vignesh Pr
GS2024BIOPHD003318 Vikas Kumar
GS2024BIOPHD017709 Vinit Prashant Mahale
GS2024BIOPHD016200 Vinita Sharma
GS2024BIOPHD000140 Vinod Singh Bhojak
GS2024BIOPHD004870 Vishwajeet Raj
GS2024BIOPHD002013 Vismitha B G
GS2024BIOPHD019544 Vrinda Khanna
GS2024BIOPHD011666 Vrinda M
GS2024BIOPHD008646 Vrundaben Dipakkumar Bhatt
GS2024BIOPHD010036 Wajeeha Rao
GS2024BIOPHD016563 Waliya Fatima Usmani
GS2024BIOPHD010242 Yamini Dattaram Mosamkar
GS2024BIOPHD006967 Yamini Kushwaha
GS2024BIOPHD003440 Yash Umangdeep
GS2024BIOPHD020494 Yashee Gupta
GS2024BIOPHD019449 Yasir Mustafa Khoja
GS2024BIOPHD004043 Yojana Narendra Vaidya
GS2024BIOPHD012567 Zion Mercy M



Application Sequence No. Name
GS2024BIOIPH010139 A Ashika Devi
GS2024BIOIPH016020 Aabha Sujit Humnabadkar
GS2024BIOIPH000753 Aakhya Verma
GS2024BIOIPH001405 Aastha Mehta
GS2024BIOIPH018009 Aayushi Sunil Shinde
GS2024BIOIPH005424 Abhik Roy
GS2024BIOIPH003032 Abhikhya Arya
GS2024BIOIPH002628 Abhinav M P
GS2024BIOIPH000370 Abhishek Dnyaneshwar Kalbande
GS2024BIOIPH001302 Abhishek Tripathy
GS2024BIOIPH002154 Abhraneel Gupta
GS2024BIOIPH016724 Abishek S
GS2024BIOIPH002003 Adeeba Bathul
GS2024BIOIPH017118 Aditi Ajay Singh
GS2024BIOIPH013472 Aditi Banerjee
GS2024BIOIPH008019 Aditya Prabhanjan
GS2024BIOIPH007588 Adrija Gupta
GS2024BIOIPH020025 Adrish Roy
GS2024BIOIPH008597 Advait Laxman Ingole
GS2024BIOIPH000962 Advika Manikprabhu Dhanorkar
GS2024BIOIPH005117 Adviti Bali
GS2024BIOIPH008140 Ahaana Pati
GS2024BIOIPH008926 Ajay Jakhad
GS2024BIOIPH002255 Ajay Kumar Sagar
GS2024BIOIPH013167 Akanksha Srivastava
GS2024BIOIPH011876 Akash Biswas
GS2024BIOIPH001183 Akash Pal
GS2024BIOIPH006475 Akashnil Dey
GS2024BIOIPH000095 Alankar Roy
GS2024BIOIPH018119 Alarmelumangai
GS2024BIOIPH010782 Aman Abhilash
GS2024BIOIPH001668 Amit Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH000414 Amit Shivhare
GS2024BIOIPH013973 Amrita Ray
GS2024BIOIPH009848 Anagha Ajithkumar
GS2024BIOIPH006853 Anamitra Goswami
GS2024BIOIPH012748 Anant Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH009229 Ananya Aniruddha Soman
GS2024BIOIPH009074 Ananya Bhatt
GS2024BIOIPH014829 Ananya Katikeneni
GS2024BIOIPH011324 Anchal Trisal
GS2024BIOIPH007757 Aniket Bhattacharjee
GS2024BIOIPH010227 Aniket Bhowmick
GS2024BIOIPH015887 Anirban Biswas
GS2024BIOIPH004362 Anirban Das
GS2024BIOIPH004012 Anirneya Basu
GS2024BIOIPH016948 Aniruddh Nikhilesh Thakar
GS2024BIOIPH000786 Anirudh Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH008037 Anish Sen
GS2024BIOIPH014075 Anisha Kumari
GS2024BIOIPH016197 Anisha Soni
GS2024BIOIPH014103 Anjitha Js
GS2024BIOIPH002645 Ankit Bhattacharyya
GS2024BIOIPH000899 Ankit Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH004521 Ankit Paul
GS2024BIOIPH004572 Ankit Roy
GS2024BIOIPH017606 Ankur Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH009445 Ankush Kumar Rout
GS2024BIOIPH003736 Anondi Mandal
GS2024BIOIPH008324 Anoushka Chatterji
GS2024BIOIPH009190 Anshika
GS2024BIOIPH007093 Anshuman Singh
GS2024BIOIPH011521 Anubhab Bhattacharjee
GS2024BIOIPH008946 Anurag Krishna Shukla
GS2024BIOIPH002829 Anusha
GS2024BIOIPH000669 Anusha K
GS2024BIOIPH016892 Anushka Tyagi
GS2024BIOIPH017353 Anwesha Pal
GS2024BIOIPH003328 Apoorva Dash
GS2024BIOIPH013847 Arif Bin Azhar
GS2024BIOIPH016891 Arin Jain
GS2024BIOIPH000748 Aritra Biswas
GS2024BIOIPH000596 Aritra Chakrabarti
GS2024BIOIPH015059 Aritra Chattopadhyay
GS2024BIOIPH006469 Aritya Sinha
GS2024BIOIPH015752 Arjan Kumar Das
GS2024BIOIPH016802 Arkadeep Ghosh
GS2024BIOIPH007876 Arkadip Nandan
GS2024BIOIPH006416 Arkajyoti Sanyal
GS2024BIOIPH001426 Arnab Pal
GS2024BIOIPH015498 Arpita Raj
GS2024BIOIPH006519 Arundhati Mishra
GS2024BIOIPH015076 Arunima K Bhushan
GS2024BIOIPH008443 Arushi Jalan
GS2024BIOIPH009439 Ashvanth S
GS2024BIOIPH001402 Ashwini Singh
GS2024BIOIPH005422 Asmita Banerjee
GS2024BIOIPH007855 Asmita Roy
GS2024BIOIPH012672 Asmita Saha
GS2024BIOIPH020459 Atal Singh
GS2024BIOIPH017123 Atharv Aryaman Manoj Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH008692 Avishek Baidya
GS2024BIOIPH015972 Ayush Kumar Rao
GS2024BIOIPH001699 Ayushi Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH011814 Ayushi Srivastava
GS2024BIOIPH008508 Beauty Das
GS2024BIOIPH015416 Bhavana K
GS2024BIOIPH009314 Bhavana Shruti Doddi
GS2024BIOIPH007422 Bhavana Vuppala
GS2024BIOIPH005491 Bhavya
GS2024BIOIPH017881 Bhavya
GS2024BIOIPH004910 Bhoopesh M
GS2024BIOIPH005995 Bikirina Borah
GS2024BIOIPH016163 Binita Pathak
GS2024BIOIPH015736 Charool Sahu
GS2024BIOIPH002677 Chetna Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH000091 Debangshu Roy
GS2024BIOIPH008526 Debapratim Sil
GS2024BIOIPH014480 Debargha Bhowal
GS2024BIOIPH010231 Debarghya De
GS2024BIOIPH010888 Debjit Roy Chowdhuri
GS2024BIOIPH005767 Debolina Bhattacharyya
GS2024BIOIPH012897 Deepali Dash
GS2024BIOIPH009840 Devi Prasanna Dash
GS2024BIOIPH001803 Devyani Vadawale
GS2024BIOIPH019498 Dharini Dhasmana
GS2024BIOIPH000099 Dhiman Mondal
GS2024BIOIPH007417 Dhrupad Banerjee
GS2024BIOIPH014934 Dhwani Jayesh Salvi
GS2024BIOIPH008817 Dibyendu Kishore Majumder
GS2024BIOIPH016258 Dipakkumar Mohanbhai Rane
GS2024BIOIPH008024 Dipti Kanta Dash
GS2024BIOIPH012534 Disha Vaishnav
GS2024BIOIPH016334 Dishita Bhavnani
GS2024BIOIPH014386 Divya
GS2024BIOIPH017280 Divya Divyajita Pattanaik
GS2024BIOIPH008727 Divya Rai
GS2024BIOIPH000869 Divyanshi Agarwal
GS2024BIOIPH000558 Diya Ghosh
GS2024BIOIPH015550 Esha Majumdar
GS2024BIOIPH001953 Fayaz Sircar
GS2024BIOIPH009732 Gaurav Siyota
GS2024BIOIPH014336 Gauravya Mohan
GS2024BIOIPH008177 Gauri Shankar Upadhyay
GS2024BIOIPH012531 Girish M M
GS2024BIOIPH012791 Gourav Ash
GS2024BIOIPH002117 Gouri Ajith
GS2024BIOIPH011066 Greeshma Anil Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH002066 Guru Viswanath Reddy Lakkireddy
GS2024BIOIPH016146 Gyanashree Giri
GS2024BIOIPH001722 Hannah Leah Lijo
GS2024BIOIPH003748 Hardik Surayprasad Purani
GS2024BIOIPH019219 Harika Mohan Mavuru
GS2024BIOIPH006109 Harsha Varthan M K
GS2024BIOIPH016262 Harshit Joshi
GS2024BIOIPH005588 Himangi Agrawal
GS2024BIOIPH016882 Himanshi Jain
GS2024BIOIPH015948 Hindol Chakraborty
GS2024BIOIPH017287 Hiral Manish Chandaria
GS2024BIOIPH007342 Hitakshi Vijay
GS2024BIOIPH005455 Hiya Prasad
GS2024BIOIPH016178 Ipshita Kashyap
GS2024BIOIPH007420 Ipsita Manthan
GS2024BIOIPH012630 Isha Anil Agare
GS2024BIOIPH013765 Isha Bansal
GS2024BIOIPH010142 Isha Durgesh Hattangadi
GS2024BIOIPH020166 Ishani Roy
GS2024BIOIPH005340 Ishika Datta
GS2024BIOIPH014707 Ishika Gupta
GS2024BIOIPH014454 Ishita Bhardwaj
GS2024BIOIPH008602 Ishita Mukherjee
GS2024BIOIPH012956 Ishita Panthri
GS2024BIOIPH006566 Ishwari Umang Agnihotri
GS2024BIOIPH005969 Jagrit Kala
GS2024BIOIPH001547 Jahanvi Rani
GS2024BIOIPH002644 Janani Abirami Sriram
GS2024BIOIPH018553 Jasman Singh
GS2024BIOIPH000927 Jay Lakhara
GS2024BIOIPH017819 Jayraj Hasmukhray Lashkari
GS2024BIOIPH003393 Joy Ganguly
GS2024BIOIPH009497 Juhi Raju Durugkar
GS2024BIOIPH001309 Jyoti Singh
GS2024BIOIPH017998 Kanak Tripathi
GS2024BIOIPH001592 Kapil Nagar
GS2024BIOIPH003317 Karthik Prashant
GS2024BIOIPH000051 Kazi Atifa Ahmed
GS2024BIOIPH014139 Keerthivasan B
GS2024BIOIPH009503 Keshav Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH017254 Ketki Kabir
GS2024BIOIPH001408 Khushi Verma
GS2024BIOIPH005996 Kirti
GS2024BIOIPH017019 Kripansha Pant
GS2024BIOIPH004613 Krisha Tejpal Shah
GS2024BIOIPH000282 Krishna Nikhil Rathod
GS2024BIOIPH009364 Kriti Krishna Pahi
GS2024BIOIPH016851 Kunika
GS2024BIOIPH002239 Lakshika
GS2024BIOIPH015115 M Nishanth Arvind
GS2024BIOIPH001742 Madhusree Chakrabarty
GS2024BIOIPH014207 Mahadev S.
GS2024BIOIPH008666 Maidhili Narayanan
GS2024BIOIPH006001 Manasa Ramesh Nallur
GS2024BIOIPH015581 Manasi Deven Naik
GS2024BIOIPH015917 Manasi Dilip Deorankar
GS2024BIOIPH016004 Mani Kankana Laskar
GS2024BIOIPH018386 Mani Ratnam Vempali
GS2024BIOIPH003524 Manognya Suddapalli
GS2024BIOIPH012993 Mansi Nehra
GS2024BIOIPH009051 Mansi Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH001467 Mayghaa Chatterjee
GS2024BIOIPH004389 Md Ehtashamimam
GS2024BIOIPH010030 Medha Vaidyanathan Iyer
GS2024BIOIPH017747 Meera Unnikrishnan
GS2024BIOIPH001969 Meet Jagdishbhai Ashar
GS2024BIOIPH016884 Megharanjani Mitra
GS2024BIOIPH020460 Mehnaz Parween
GS2024BIOIPH020235 Mervin Alex Mathew
GS2024BIOIPH010806 Mishthi Khurana
GS2024BIOIPH010543 Miti Saurin Thakore
GS2024BIOIPH002032 Mohammad Muzafar Lone
GS2024BIOIPH006723 Mohit Khatri
GS2024BIOIPH000087 Monalika Jha
GS2024BIOIPH014264 Mosmi Mohan Patil
GS2024BIOIPH017422 Mrunmayee Achint Lele
GS2024BIOIPH005526 Mudita Tripathi
GS2024BIOIPH015778 Mugdha Aniruddha Ekbote
GS2024BIOIPH005537 Mugdha Hota
GS2024BIOIPH003709 Munna Ram Gurjar
GS2024BIOIPH012334 Muskaan Kathuria
GS2024BIOIPH001206 Muskan Gupta
GS2024BIOIPH002316 Nalini Natarajan
GS2024BIOIPH002675 Nandana Raghunadhan
GS2024BIOIPH003113 Nandana Rajesh
GS2024BIOIPH004299 Nandini Singh
GS2024BIOIPH004188 Naveen Shukla
GS2024BIOIPH009089 Navjot Kaur
GS2024BIOIPH003334 Neelabh Datta
GS2024BIOIPH001947 Neha
GS2024BIOIPH002246 Nidhi Shree
GS2024BIOIPH018627 Nikita Yadav
GS2024BIOIPH004250 Nilabja Bhattacharjee
GS2024BIOIPH015707 Niraj Kumar Priyaranjan
GS2024BIOIPH012350 Nireeksha Sunil Shetty
GS2024BIOIPH017004 Nishakshi Singh
GS2024BIOIPH003029 Noushaba Shamim
GS2024BIOIPH007425 Orvill Sougrakpam
GS2024BIOIPH008200 Palak
GS2024BIOIPH012393 Palak Tomar
GS2024BIOIPH006212 Pallab Ghosh
GS2024BIOIPH014318 Pallavi Manchanda
GS2024BIOIPH002325 Panchali Chakraborty
GS2024BIOIPH011310 Parakh Praveen Mody
GS2024BIOIPH006263 Parijat Roy
GS2024BIOIPH006118 Parnavi Pradeep Pandit
GS2024BIOIPH010058 Prabha Singh
GS2024BIOIPH012635 Prachi Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH019111 Prachi Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH019620 Pradyumna Rajashekar
GS2024BIOIPH007377 Prakash Chandra Meher
GS2024BIOIPH014623 Prakriti Gupta
GS2024BIOIPH011126 Pranshu Sachan
GS2024BIOIPH020146 Prashant Chauhan
GS2024BIOIPH015174 Prateek Yadav
GS2024BIOIPH012258 Pratyusha Chakraborty
GS2024BIOIPH010446 Prayasi Gangopadhyay
GS2024BIOIPH005777 Preeti Srihari
GS2024BIOIPH010077 Prem Sai Biswal
GS2024BIOIPH017502 Pritam Bakshi
GS2024BIOIPH010688 Priti Baura
GS2024BIOIPH013217 Priyanshu Das
GS2024BIOIPH007590 Promeet Halder
GS2024BIOIPH001511 Pulkit Mishra
GS2024BIOIPH004536 Radhika Shrikant Karve
GS2024BIOIPH011556 Raghav
GS2024BIOIPH007764 Raghav Pateriya
GS2024BIOIPH001684 Rahul Garai
GS2024BIOIPH015006 Rahul Tiwari
GS2024BIOIPH014567 Raj Shayama
GS2024BIOIPH006261 Rajan Shah
GS2024BIOIPH006472 Rajarshi Chattopadhyay
GS2024BIOIPH004946 Rajdeep Dey
GS2024BIOIPH000683 Rajyashree Basu
GS2024BIOIPH005885 Ramisa Akhter
GS2024BIOIPH005472 Ravneet Kaur
GS2024BIOIPH014247 Reetu Rana
GS2024BIOIPH007287 Resmi Bera
GS2024BIOIPH006197 Riddhi Pratim Das
GS2024BIOIPH020315 Rishabh Raj
GS2024BIOIPH005489 Rishika
GS2024BIOIPH014173 Ritika Dewra
GS2024BIOIPH020059 Ritwika Nandi
GS2024BIOIPH005270 Rivu Chakravarty
GS2024BIOIPH017989 Riya Arora
GS2024BIOIPH009467 Riya Tripathi
GS2024BIOIPH015962 Rohan Raj
GS2024BIOIPH000130 Rohit Samanta
GS2024BIOIPH004975 Rona Robby
GS2024BIOIPH010884 Rudranshu Paul
GS2024BIOIPH002967 Rukaiya Gheewala
GS2024BIOIPH019588 Sabareesh S S
GS2024BIOIPH007334 Sagar Hembram
GS2024BIOIPH002227 Sagar S
GS2024BIOIPH015891 Saheli Karar
GS2024BIOIPH020212 Sahil Chawla
GS2024BIOIPH004367 Saiganesh Nair
GS2024BIOIPH011806 Sakhi Kundu
GS2024BIOIPH019908 Sakshi Agrawal
GS2024BIOIPH007576 Sakshi Jha
GS2024BIOIPH020456 Saloni Kumari
GS2024BIOIPH010629 Samadrita Mondal
GS2024BIOIPH012894 Samhita Ramanan Radhakrishnan
GS2024BIOIPH001378 Samiksha Jayanand Poojary
GS2024BIOIPH010709 Sampriti Pal
GS2024BIOIPH006845 Samyo Basu Majumder
GS2024BIOIPH003882 Sandip Panja
GS2024BIOIPH009658 Sanjogita Singh
GS2024BIOIPH001889 Sanjyot Umesh Malvankar
GS2024BIOIPH004392 Sanyam Jain
GS2024BIOIPH008527 Satish Ganesh Aglave
GS2024BIOIPH020474 Saumya
GS2024BIOIPH020419 Saumya Kumari
GS2024BIOIPH019657 Saumya Singh
GS2024BIOIPH001727 Saurabh Samdarshi
GS2024BIOIPH016367 Saurabh Tewari
GS2024BIOIPH010106 Sayan Mukherjee
GS2024BIOIPH003710 Sayan Saha
GS2024BIOIPH006131 Sayok Sarkar
GS2024BIOIPH014248 Semantee Bhattacharyya
GS2024BIOIPH017309 Shabnam Sahay
GS2024BIOIPH001362 Shachi Mishra
GS2024BIOIPH008699 Shailja Swarnkar
GS2024BIOIPH008967 Shalini Kotnala
GS2024BIOIPH006848 Shalini Padhy
GS2024BIOIPH003024 Shalini Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH013460 Shekhar Nath Prakas
GS2024BIOIPH005942 Shivangi Dwivedi
GS2024BIOIPH010037 Shivangi Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH010723 Shivangi Tiwari
GS2024BIOIPH008465 Shivanshi Khurana
GS2024BIOIPH018499 Shivounkar Giri
GS2024BIOIPH000900 Shloke Khullar
GS2024BIOIPH001651 Shraddha Param Pathak
GS2024BIOIPH011852 Shraya Das
GS2024BIOIPH008785 Shree Lakshmi S
GS2024BIOIPH003463 Shreeya Pawan Shah
GS2024BIOIPH008963 Shreya Goyal
GS2024BIOIPH017095 Shreya Upadhyay
GS2024BIOIPH012414 Shreyas Prashant
GS2024BIOIPH009645 Shrijeet Kolley
GS2024BIOIPH006663 Shristi Pramod Yadav
GS2024BIOIPH005903 Shrutasan Das
GS2024BIOIPH005755 Shruti Baradia
GS2024BIOIPH007798 Shubhadeep Patra
GS2024BIOIPH011639 Shubhradip Adhikary
GS2024BIOIPH001740 Shuddhasattwa Choudhury
GS2024BIOIPH004615 Shwas Sachin Churi
GS2024BIOIPH018731 Shyam Balchandra Gokarn
GS2024BIOIPH018103 Sia Piplani
GS2024BIOIPH006548 Siddhant Bhardwaj
GS2024BIOIPH013482 Siddhant Saha
GS2024BIOIPH008606 Siddhant Satish Pardeshi
GS2024BIOIPH013846 Simran Kumari Jaiswal
GS2024BIOIPH001084 Siva Arivoule S A Arivoule S A
GS2024BIOIPH005451 Siya Battla
GS2024BIOIPH008953 Siya Singh
GS2024BIOIPH017083 Smita Karati
GS2024BIOIPH008755 Sneha Goyal
GS2024BIOIPH010483 Sneha Kushwaha
GS2024BIOIPH008122 Somiya Sharma
GS2024BIOIPH000373 Somnath Jana
GS2024BIOIPH016977 Soumik Hazra
GS2024BIOIPH006468 Souptik Iswar
GS2024BIOIPH000666 Souptika Santanu Das
GS2024BIOIPH005810 Sourabh Das
GS2024BIOIPH010931 Sourav Chatterjee
GS2024BIOIPH001676 Sreelekshmi R
GS2024BIOIPH014439 Sreenjoy Saha
GS2024BIOIPH002854 Sreya Chowdhury
GS2024BIOIPH017383 Sreyashi Chatterjee
GS2024BIOIPH009489 Sri Prajna Mula
GS2024BIOIPH002132 Srijani Roy
GS2024BIOIPH015514 Srinaya Ghosh
GS2024BIOIPH004267 Srinidhi Srinivasan
GS2024BIOIPH006440 Srishti Pandey
GS2024BIOIPH002517 Stutie
GS2024BIOIPH002832 Subhadeep Basu
GS2024BIOIPH008283 Subhadeep Chakrabartti
GS2024BIOIPH019282 Subhajit Mandal
GS2024BIOIPH016666 Subhankar Maity
GS2024BIOIPH003999 Subhankar Sinha
GS2024BIOIPH004854 Subhash Kumar Sinha
GS2024BIOIPH018536 Subhi Tiwari
GS2024BIOIPH005711 Subhradyuti De
GS2024BIOIPH009854 Sudipto Singha
GS2024BIOIPH012596 Sumedha Biswas
GS2024BIOIPH013479 Sumedha Das
GS2024BIOIPH000933 Sumedha Dhananjay Kulkarni
GS2024BIOIPH006233 Sumedha Touhid
GS2024BIOIPH013593 Sunando Maiti
GS2024BIOIPH001761 Suneetkumar Diwakar Dubey
GS2024BIOIPH007266 Suparna Batabyal
GS2024BIOIPH011623 Surabhi V T
GS2024BIOIPH010492 Surajit Mondal
GS2024BIOIPH006193 Suravi Ghosh
GS2024BIOIPH014018 Surya T C
GS2024BIOIPH002235 Susmelee Mohanta
GS2024BIOIPH014382 Suvani Rohatgi
GS2024BIOIPH004616 Suyash Santosh Phadke
GS2024BIOIPH015332 Swetha V
GS2024BIOIPH003423 Taha Muslim Umrethwala
GS2024BIOIPH016556 Tanika S B
GS2024BIOIPH002286 Taniya Pokhriyal
GS2024BIOIPH000950 Tanmay Mukesh Jain
GS2024BIOIPH009931 Tanu Gautam
GS2024BIOIPH015016 Tanushree Sinha
GS2024BIOIPH001479 Tanya Kapoor
GS2024BIOIPH017382 Taqweem Nawaz
GS2024BIOIPH015510 Tarumoy Das
GS2024BIOIPH007167 Tarun Bhagwani
GS2024BIOIPH019044 Tejaswini
GS2024BIOIPH005032 Thanvi
GS2024BIOIPH011416 Tirtha Subhra Mukherjee
GS2024BIOIPH011273 Tithi Pradeep Kotasthane
GS2024BIOIPH016052 Tiyasha Bhanja
GS2024BIOIPH011050 Trina Chowdhury
GS2024BIOIPH007655 Trisa Datta
GS2024BIOIPH003654 Trishant Dinda
GS2024BIOIPH012792 Tulip Nirnayika Mohanty
GS2024BIOIPH004516 Tusher Midya
GS2024BIOIPH019803 Umair Hashmi
GS2024BIOIPH006709 Umamah Siddiqui
GS2024BIOIPH006115 Ume Kulsum
GS2024BIOIPH018929 Urvashi Jaiswal
GS2024BIOIPH015214 Utkarsh Singh Chauhan
GS2024BIOIPH009026 Vaibhav R Kini
GS2024BIOIPH012136 Vanshika Makol
GS2024BIOIPH002828 Varnika Bhardwaj
GS2024BIOIPH005093 Varsha Goyal
GS2024BIOIPH000723 Vedaanti Sunil Bhardwaj
GS2024BIOIPH008913 Vedshri Vivek Saraf
GS2024BIOIPH007351 Vighnesh Manoj
GS2024BIOIPH002166 Vikas Anilkumar Shukla
GS2024BIOIPH002865 Visalakshi V
GS2024BIOIPH006779 Vishal Kumar Birendra Singh
GS2024BIOIPH017040 Vufila Umar T P
GS2024BIOIPH000746 Writawrik Bhattacharya
GS2024BIOIPH008014 Yarmee Ketan Jani
GS2024BIOIPH003445 Yashika Puri
GS2024BIOIPH009563 Yeswant G R
GS2024BIOIPH009894 Yogesh Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH015936 Yogesh Kumar
GS2024BIOIPH010056 Yogini Tiwari
GS2024BIOIPH006081 Yukti Balodhi