This is an event commemmorating the founding of NCBS.

On October 22, 1991 the Department of Atomic Energy wrote to the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research conveying sanction of the President of India for setting up of NCBS as a centre for fundamental research in Biology at Bangalore. The land for locating the Centre in the GKVK-UAS campus was already handed over at the initiative of the Govt of Karnataka and the University in February 1991. True to the vision and foresight of the the Governing Council, it had approved in its 90th meeting held on 27.6.89, the following:

1. Appointment of minimum of academic and admn staff pending approval by DAE of the proposals contained in the project document

2. Renting of temporary residential accommodation for scientists and other staff members as required.

3. Location of the Centre temporarily at the TIFR Centre in the IISc campus in the area being vacated in August that year by the Radio Astronomy/GMRT group.

This has two parts:

a. Foundation day events:
Coordinators: Aparna, Venkat Srinivasan, Sahadevan
Programme: 4.30 pm: inauguration of 25 year history exhibition both online and physical exhibits preceded by 10 minutes briefing by Venkat Srinivasan
4.45pm: Tea/Coffee Presentation ceremony [for those who participated in the staff day activities]
5.15: Talk by Professor P. Balaram on NCBS
6.15 Concert: Bahauddin Dagar: Rudraveena concert Dinner for Invitees by 8pm

b. Staff day: Coordinators: Ashok, Rashi, Harleen, Rekha, Radhika, Shashi, Sahadevan

Programme: 10am to 4.30pm - Programmes by Staff and family, students in the campus: events, stalls, etc.
venue inStem Dining Block and surrounding areas.