News letter

May 2021

Due to increasing cases in the campus, as a safety measure it is declared to close the creche temporarily until further notice.

February 2021

We are pleased to inform that Dolna has re-opened on Feb 24th. We are currently following phased opening. First phase is for pre-schoolers( 3.5 - 5 yrs). Followed by Toddlers( 2 - 3.5yrs) , Older children( 5 - 10yrs) and Infants(6m - 2yrs).  Total number of children enrolled per section, post re-opening is as follows: 1. Infants - 4 2. Toddlers - 5 3. Pre-schoolers - 5 4. Older section(5 - 7 yrs) - 10 5. Older section(7 -10 yrs) - 8 Currently children and staff come on alternate days as per the roster (Helps in crowd management). This might change as and when there is an update. Dolna follows Standard operating procedure(SOP) and the same has been shared with parents. Also parent should sign the consent form before joining their child to Dolna.   

December 2020

Due to Covid 19 the creche has been locked down since March 2020. Dolna re-opening date will be as per Karnataka Govt norms.      

May 2018

  1. Story session with author Rob couldn’t be done due to some unforeseen work commitment of the author. We regret the same. We’ll plan shortly, details will be mailed.
  2. Under Parental involvement activities: (i) Deepti came up with “Book making activity”, the book is available in the crèche library, interested parents may borrow the book and return back to crèche library within a week. (ii) Sathya planned a “Skit and Mask making activity” which was enacted by Sathya and Dolna teachers. (iii)Tehzib had an awareness session on “Healthy eating habits” and “Hygiene concerns”.  Many Thanks to all three of them for their iniativeness.
  3. Dolna Policy books have been circulated. Kindly refer mail dated 24th May 2018 for further information.
  4. Kindly give details about school bus pick up timings [if opted].
  5. Under Documentary movie screening, kids watched “Hide and Seek” and “Homes” series.
  6. Older kids relished their baking activities and Litchi picking activity at Chiguru farms.
  7. Kindly view Blog in Dolna webpage for photos.
  8. Cycling sessions will be paused for now, kindly pick cycles back.
  9. Taekwondo classes will resume from  2nd  June. 2018.

April 2018

  1. Dolna’ Aqua guard cylinders have been serviced and filters have been changed.
  2. The parental involvement activities went really well. Many thanks to Bhaktee, Sathya, Deepti, for their initativeness.
  3. Summer camp schedule – May 2018, has been mailed.
  4. Kids enjoyed watching Planet earth series by David Attenborough, they watched “Life story” and “The Hunt”.
  5. As part of the summer camp schedule kids visited Embassy International Riding School, Nehru planetarium, Chiguru farms, Gkvk diary and Agricultural Technology Information Centre [ATIC].


March 2018

  1.  "Late pick up" charges are revised with immediate effect [starting Monday, March 12, 2018]. As per the new policy Rs.100/- per minute would be charged for picking up kid(s) beyond 06:35pm on weekdays and beyond 04:35pm on Saturdays. The timings would be considered as per the Dolna watch displayed in the ground floor of crèche building and not any other watch.
  2. Dolna fees has been revised, kindly refer mail dated 28th March 2018 for further details.
  3. Summer camp schedule has been mailed, kindly refer mail dated 23rd March 2018. For summer months – April & May 2018 an additional amount of Rs.500 would be charged along with crèche fees towards summer camp activities for kids above 3 years to 10 years.
  4. Holi celebrations was on 1st March 2018.
  5. Dolna staff training was conducted on 3rd March 2018 by a clinical psychologist from Nimhans on behavioral issues of kids between 3 years to 10 years.

February 2018

  1. A new drawing instructor has joined Dolna,for further details about him kindly contact us on 6452.
  2. Dolna staff have been give new set of uniforms.
  3. Fumigation of entire creche was done on 10 th Feb 2018.
  4. Pre school section kids enjoyed doing paper folding activity,the same have been sent to home.
  5. National science day was celebrated at Dolna on 28 th Feb 2018 by explaining its importance and significance to kids,this activity was done briefly with 3.5 years to 5 years and a little in detail with the older kids.

January 2018

  1. Sankranthi celebrations were held on 12 th Jan 2018 and Dolna was closed on 15 th Jan 2018.
  2. Dolna staff were a part of fire drill.
  3. Dolna's holiday list has been updated for the present year,kindly refer 'Information for parents' in Dolna webpage to view the list.
  4. Taekwondo belt exam was on 20 th Jan 2018, we are happy to announce that Arya is now a yellow stripe belt holder and Thiyomee holds yellow belt. Hearty congratulations to our winners!!!
  5. Kindly refer mail dated 23rd Jan 2018 for details regarding birthday celebrations at Dolna.

December 2017

  1. Christmas camp schedule has been mailed. Kindly refer mail dated 19 th December 2017.
  2. Dolna was closed on 25 th December 2017 on account of Christmas.
  3. As part of their Camp schedule, Dolna kids visited Dr.Deepti's lab and had a nice exposure about flies. Many thanks to Deepti and her lab mates.
  4. Hope you all liked the Christmas gifts. The ones who are not in town kindly collect them once you are back [we have kept it safely].
  5. Kids enjoyed their day outing.

November 2017

  1. Creche re-modification has been completed and all the sections have been moved back to creche building. Telephone extension numbers are: Ground floor - 6452 and First floor 6153.
  2. Pest control was scheduled between 8 th and 9 th November 2017 at both floors.
  3. Children's day celebrations was enjoyed by kids. Hope kids liked their gifts!!.
  4. Fee payment of 'After school classes' have to be made to the instructors directly w.e.f November 2017 onwards.The instructors' numbers are: Dance instructor - 7411841277, Drawing instructor - 9916212311, Taekwondo instructor - 7629905600, Bharathanatyam instructor - 9481604610 and Piano instructor - 9600113668.
  5. Our Dolna kids participated in the 17 th Karnataka state level  Taekwondo Championship and have won medals. Congratulations Arya and Thiyomee !!,we are all proud and happy for you both.
  6. Sports classes have been put on hold for few days till we find new coaches.