May 2018

  1. Story session with author Rob couldn’t be done due to some unforeseen work commitment of the author. We regret the same. We’ll plan shortly, details will be mailed.
  2. Under Parental involvement activities: (i) Deepti came up with “Book making activity”, the book is available in the crèche library, interested parents may borrow the book and return back to crèche library within a week. (ii) Sathya planned a “Skit and Mask making activity” which was enacted by Sathya and Dolna teachers. (iii)Tehzib had an awareness session on “Healthy eating habits” and “Hygiene concerns”.  Many Thanks to all three of them for their iniativeness.
  3. Dolna Policy books have been circulated. Kindly refer mail dated 24th May 2018 for further information.
  4. Kindly give details about school bus pick up timings [if opted].
  5. Under Documentary movie screening, kids watched “Hide and Seek” and “Homes” series.
  6. Older kids relished their baking activities and Litchi picking activity at Chiguru farms.
  7. Kindly view Blog in Dolna webpage for photos.
  8. Cycling sessions will be paused for now, kindly pick cycles back.
  9. Taekwondo classes will resume from  2nd  June. 2018.