Rules and Guidelines

Policy Matters and Responsibilities

The Dolna Committee sets the Dolna policy and are the primary interface with the NCBS administration.
The Dolna Coordinator is the single point resource person for both the creches. The coordinator is in liason with parents,staff, Dolna commitee and Ncbs administration and is responsible to ensure smooth functioning and to have effective communication among all the above entities.
The teachers (with formal training and experience) are primarily responsible for setting the daily routines and activities, as well as undertaking the teaching activities through the day. They may also supervise homeworks and provide intellectual input to children to help with school activities from time to time.
Caregivers are responsible for the maintenance, safety and cleanliness of the children. 


Basic codes of conduct

Their overall goal of Dolna is to maintain a safe and happy environment within the creche facility. Dolna staff are trained in CPR and basic first aid, and are keenly aware of specific requirements of individual children, including food allergies as well as medical and psychological requirements. They are responsible for the cleanliness and safety within and around Dolna premises. Dolna staff follows a structured routine each day for each section, with scope to accomodate occasional changes as necessary. The typical ratio of staff to children is about 1:4, which may intermittently fluctuate.
The Dolna staff maintain a presentable but compact dress code, with a high level of personal and general hygeine. They train the children to be aware of the basic rules and habits that conforming with the daycare.  At the end of each day, parents can seek feedback about how their child spent the day. Any sort of corporeal or psychological punishment is strictly prohibited. On occasion, the use of  time-outs may be necessary. Parents must be kept informed if there are specific issues with misbehavior.
We also expect parents to behave professionally and respectfully with the day care staff. If there are specific complaints or concerns, they must be routed through proper channels, initiating with an email to dolna coordinator via bhuvanas[at] Under no circumstances must parents try to circumvent the basic rules and guidelines that apply equally to all children. Constructive criticisms are also welcome, but parents should refrain from making personal accusations against Dolna staff.
Although Dolna is primarily a day care facility and not a preschool, we have staffed trained teachers to provide an educational background to Dolna activities. They provide basic education to develop reading, writing and language skills in younger children, and also help with homework in older children.

Guidelines for Caregivers

Guidelines for Parents