Health Issues

Medical Facilties: A medical room with a doctor and attendant is available during working hours on campus. This room is situated within 50 feet of all Dolna facilities. A 24-hour ambulance is also part of the NCBS medical facility. The medical room is well-equipped for basic care and first aid. NCBS employees and their family members have ready access to Columbia Asia Hospital and the Bangalore Baptist Hospital through a mutual agreement.  All Dolna staff have received training in basic Cardiopulmonary Resustication (CPR) procedures as well as basic first aid.

Communicable diseases : It is important for parents to keep the staff fully apprised for any health issues pertaining to their kids. Children with communicable disases such as common cold, viral fevers, chicken pox etc. must not be sent to Dolna.

Allergies : Dolna staff should be kept fully apprised of any allergies, as well as the severity of the allergic reaction. Parents are encouraged to always keep handy anti-histamines and other anti-allergic treaments that pertain to the incidence of allergy in their children. As a rule, Dolna staff avoids making snacks that contain ingredients that may be allergic to any child. On occasions when it cannot be avoided, they will make special arrangements for children with allergies. The staff also ensure that children do not share their lunch and snacks with other children. Nevertheless, parents are requested to be sensitive to the allergies of other children in Dolna, especially if they are severe.

Prescription drugs: Designated Dolna staff will agree to administer prescribed drugs as per the instructions of parents. However, we encourage parents themselves to come down and administer the medicines.

Health Chart/Allergy Chart: At the time of addmission parents are requested to give health related details such as blood group, medical history if any, things/issues which are of utmost importance, allergic factors etc. These are recorded in the health chart and displayed in Dolna activity area.These information are collected so as to be used in case  of emergency.