Rules and Guidelines for Caregivers

The staff are required to strictly follow the set of guidelines listed below:

  • Dolna staff are trained in CPR and basic first aid procedures.
  • Dolna staff are expected to maintain the best standards of cleanliness and personal hygeine, including frequent washing of hands, frequent use of anti-lice treatments etc.
  • Mosquitoes are vectors of nasty diseases. We allow the staff to use standard mosquito repellants such as Good Knight or equivalent.
  • Children may not be left unattended except when sleeping. Staff must periodically check on sleeping infants.
  • Carrying children is allowed, but dragging or pulling their arms is not allowed as it can cause injury.


  •  Each Dolna staff member, including teachers, are responsible for children's cleanliness. 
  • Dolna staff are required to ensure that they minimize the possibilities of diseases by washing toys that are licked, ensuring that children do not eat from each other's plates (also see allergy-related information) etc. In any event, toys must be frequently cleaned and dusted.
  • Dolna staff must ensure a dust-free and insect-free and arachnid-free (ants, cockroaches / spiders and scorpions etc.) environment due to the high incidence of respiratory problems in children.
  • Dolna staff is required to maintain a regular schedule of cleaning and washing of toys, linen (weekly) and curtains (monthly). These must be noted as entries in a cleaning log book.

Rules of engagement

  • Maintain the children’s file of artwork and other activities. A daily plan of activities must be put up on the display board for all to see. Materials for activities organized by teachers need to be done and kept ready on the day required. This is the responsibility of the staff. Activities must be timed such they take into account the shorter attention spans of young children.Children must be provided with positive and constructive feedback for all their activities.
  • Staff may not engage in extended social chats, any form of social engagements.Staff is required to be courteous and polite to the parents under all circumstances. Any substantial criticisms or suggestions must be immediately brought to the attention of creche coordinator.
  • Dolna staff must treat all children equally. No special favours will be allowed and children should not be compared with each other.On occasion, threat of punishments or brief punishments (such as time-outs) may be employed. Foul language or public displays of temper in front children and other forms of unprofessional behavior are strictly prohibited.
  • Be truthful and honest as we are role models for the children; sharing your difficulties in disciplining children with the coordinator and respective parents. Take a break if any child is making you particularly upset on a day.
  •  Beating and pinching is strictly prohibited and we have zero tolerance for it, the caregiver will be removed from work. So is locking children in cupboards, toilets, bedrooms etc. Time out only for children above the age of two.
  • Unannounced, unpermitted leave is strictly prohibited. Leave must be taken with full knowledge of  Creche coordinator and other staff member. Creche committee and coordinator will be the ultimate arbitraters of leave matters.3 full days/month is allowed, except in the months of March April, May and during Dusshera and Christmas holidays. This can be converted to 6 half days of 4 hours each.
  • Common areas such as kitchen, corridors, sleeping areas, and toilets must be impeccably maintained at all times. All furniture and toys must be child-proofed. Dolna staff are required to try anticipating problems before they arise.
  • Children's lunch should precede staff's lunch. Staff lunch should occur in shifts to ensure that there is always supervsion of children.
  • Dolna is an open facility. Apart from parents,family members of Dolna children are allowed visits  during the creche working hours with prior intimation to the coordinator.

Sleeping schedule
Dolna staff encourages all children under the age of 3 to take an afternoon nap.
Toilet Training
Because Dolna is facility that spans ages from infant to toddler to school going, our staff can provide help with basic toilet training as a supplement to the training at home. This is an essential part of the basic maintenance and nurturing of children that makes Dolna a unique facility as compared to many others. Our staff are well-experienced in these and other aspects of infant and toddler upbringing.