November 2017

  1. Creche re-modification has been completed and all the sections have been moved back to creche building. Telephone extension numbers are: Ground floor - 6452 and First floor 6153.
  2. Pest control was scheduled between 8 th and 9 th November 2017 at both floors.
  3. Children's day celebrations was enjoyed by kids. Hope kids liked their gifts!!.
  4. Fee payment of 'After school classes' have to be made to the instructors directly w.e.f November 2017 onwards.The instructors' numbers are: Dance instructor - 7411841277, Drawing instructor - 9916212311, Taekwondo instructor - 7629905600, Bharathanatyam instructor - 9481604610 and Piano instructor - 9600113668.
  5. Our Dolna kids participated in the 17 th Karnataka state level  Taekwondo Championship and have won medals. Congratulations Arya and Thiyomee !!,we are all proud and happy for you both.
  6. Sports classes have been put on hold for few days till we find new coaches.