Nachiket Deval (Co-founder Coeo Labs, C-CAMP)
Date & Time: 
Sat, 07/20/2019 - 11:00
Rethinking medical devices for the developing world
Champaca Bookstore, Library & Cafe

Poster for the science outreach initiative, Science Cafe for July 2019, at Champaca Bookstore, Bangalore, India


Today in India, about 70-80 % of medical devices are imported from more developed countries. These devices are designed for the needs of those countries, and are then pushed into developing world markets without a real understanding of the applicability and use of the developing world. Coeo Labs’ approach based on the biodesign process, takes into account these gaps to find real unmet needs in the Indian context, to build products around these needs. This talk will take you through all the phases of product development: idea generation, conceptualisation, engineering, testing to field deployment, that are crucial in translating research into a viable market-ready product.