Systems Available

The following systems will be available for hands on training at the course.

Widefield Microscopes

IX73- Olympus (Exhibit)

IX83- Olympus (Exhibit)

BX53- Olympus (Exhibit)

IX81 - Olympus

Axio Observer Z1 - Carl Zeiss (Exhibit)

Axio Imager M2 - Carl Zeiss (Exhibit)

Axiovert 200M - Carl Zeiss

Ti2-E- Nikon (Exhibit)

Ti-E - Nikon


Confocal Microscopes

A1RHD 25 Confocal Microscope - Nikon (Exhibit)

LSM 800 Confocal Microscope - Carl Zeiss (Exhibit)

LSM 780 Confocal Microscope- Carl Zeiss

FV3000 Confocal Microscope(Inverted)-Olympus

FV3000 Confocal Microscope(Upright)-Olympus

SP5 Confocal Microscope-Leica


Multi-Photon Microscopes

1. LSM 780 Confocal Microscope with Multi Photon- Carl ZEISS

2. Bheja Fry Mutiphoton Microscope (Home Built)



1. Becker and Hickel TCSPC/FLIM – Becker &Hickel/Carl ZEISS



1. TIRF Microscope Eclipse Ti: Nikon

2. Multi Line TIRF: Olympus


Spinning Disk Microscopes

1. Yokogawa CSU-22 based Spinning disk Confocal System- Andor & Nikon


Super Resolution Imaging Systems

1. TCS STED SP5 ll Super Resolution Microscope- Leica

2. SIM & STORM Super Resolution Microscope- Nikon

3. 775 STED- Abberior Instruments


Optical Manipulation

1. Optical Tweezers - Homebuilt

2. PALM Micro Beam Laser Micro Dissection and Catapulting- Carl ZEISS


Other Exhibits

1. Orca Flash 4.0 V3 Digital CMOS Camera- Hamamatsu

2. Retiga R6 Color Camera- Qimaging

3. CoolLED PE300 illumination system