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Lead Faculty 2014 - 2016


Ajith Kumar

Expertise: Primatology, Animal Behaviour, Conservation Biology

email: ajith [at]

Anindya Sinha

Expertise: Behavioural Ecology, Cognitive Ethology, Philosophy of Biology

email: anindya.rana.sinha [at]

Deepa Agashe

Expertise: Evolutionary Ecology

email: dagashe [at]

Geoff Hyde

Expertise: Science Communication

email: GeoffJHyde [at]

Jagdish Krishnaswamy

Expertise: Ecohydrology, Landscape Ecology, Statistics

email: jagdish [at]

Jayashree Ratnam

Expertise: Community and Ecosystems Ecology, Tropical Forest and Savanna Dynamics

email: jratnam [at]

K. Ullas Karanth

Expertise: Carnivore Biology, Population Estimation, Conservation Biology

email: ukaranth [at]

Krithi K.Karanth

Expertise: Species extinctions and distributions, Land use change, People-Park relationships, Human-Wildlife Conflicts, Macroecology

email: krithi.karanth [at]

Krushnamegh Kunte

Expertise: Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Conservation Biology, Entomology

email: krushnamegh [at]

Mahesh Sankaran

Expertise: Community and Ecosystems Ecology, Climate Change, Savanna Dynamics, Plant-Herbivore Interactions

email: mahesh [at]

Mahesh Rangarajan

Expertise: Ecological and Political History

email: rangarajan.mahesh [at]

Ravi Chellam

Expertise: Conservation Biology, Laws & Policies

email: ravi.chellam61 [at]

Ravi Bhalla

Expertise: Natural Resourse Management, Restoration, Eco-hydrology, Coastal zones

email: bhalla [at]

Rohan Arthur

Expertise: Marine Biology


Suhel Quader

Expertise: Animal Behaviour, Citizen Science, Quantitative Methods

email: suhelq [at]

Uma Ramakrishnan

Expertise: Conservation Genetics, Biogeography

email: uramakri [at]