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Guest Faculty 2014 - 2016

Abi Tamim Vanak

Expertise: Animal movement ecology, Social-Ecological systems, Semi-arid savanna dynamics

email: avanak [at]

Devcharan Jathanna

Expertise: Population estimation & dynamics, Statistical modelling, carnivore ecology

email: devcharan [at]

Divya Vasudev

Expertise: Fragmented landscape, Animal dispersal/connectivity, Conservation prioritization

email: vasudev.divya [at]


Kalyan Varma

Expertise: Wildlife Photographer & Filmmaker

email: kryptic [at]

Kartik Shanker

Expertise: Community ecology, Biogeography, Marine turtle Biology and Conservation

email: kshanker [at]

Naveen Namboothri

Expertise: Marine Biology

email: naveen.namboo [at]

Prerna Singh Bindra

Expertise: Media & Communications, Conservation Issues, Policy and Protecting Wildlife Habitats

email: prerna [at]

Rajah Jayapal

Expertise: Ornithology, Biogeography, Community ecology and macroecology

email: [at]

Shekar Dattari

Expertise: Wildlife and Conservation Filmmaker

email: shekar.dattatri [at]

SP Vijayakumar

Expertise: Evolutionary Biogeography: Diversification, Dispersal and Diversity & Conservation Biogeography: Endemism

email: vijayaksp [at]

Sumanta Bagchi

Expertise: Ecology, Climate change and Conservation

email: sbagchi [at]

Teresa Alcoverro

Expertise: Marine Biology

email: teresa [at]

Varun Goswami

Expertise: Population ecology, Spatial conservation planning, Human–wildlife interactions

email: vrg.varun [at]

Vidya Athreya

Expertise: Carnivore Ecology, Human wildlife interactions and Conflict mitigation

email: phatrosie [at]