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Batch 2016 - 2018

1. Khara. A., 2018. How long to stay? Effects of pasture quality on the foraging decisions of a versatile ungulate

2. Gopal. Abhishek., 2018. Impacts of fragmentation on fruit removal and seed predation of four rainforest tree species in Anamalai hills, India

3. Banerjee. A., 2018. Habitat selection of smooth-coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata) in a water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)-invaded river system in the Deccan Plateau landscape

4. Sarma. Aishanya., 2018. Factors determining roost selection by cave bats in a karst network landscape in Meghalaya, India.

5. Surendra. A., 2018. Logging history and forest type modulate post-logging recovery of tropical forests in the Andaman Islands

6. Odonjavkhlan. Chagsaldulam., 2018. Distribution and abundance of two sympatric species of ungulates in the Tost, Tosonbumba Nature Reserve, Mongolia

7. Gonsalves. C.C., 2018. Birds of a Feather: foraging niche shifts of Himalayan passerines in mixed flocks

8. Khanal. G., 2018. Predator, prey and livestock: Population estimation of snow leopard and blue sheep with implications for livestock depredation

9. Ramakrishna. I., 2018. Human – Nicobar Long-tailed Macaque Interactions and Rising Interspecies Conflict in the Great Nicobar Island, India

10. Dey. M., 2018. Conserving river dolphins in a changing soundscape: acoustic and behavioural responses of Ganges river dolphins to anthropogenic noise in the Ganges River, India

11. Sriramamurthy. R.T., 2018. Wildfire and aliens: Responses of three plant invaders to a wildfire in upper elevation grasslands of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

12. Rodrigues. R., 2018. Conservation genetics and genomics of the endangered Indian wild dogs

13. Rajendran. T., 2018. Usage of artificial waterholes by large mammals in Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

14. Menon. T. S., 2018. The Effects of Forest Utilization and Landscape Composition on Avian Assemblages in the Oak forests of Kumaon, Uttarakhand